Body Positivity


      If you have ever broken down crying in a fitting room over a pair of jeans then you understand why I started this blog. I want to contribute to the body positivity movement because finding that community on Instagram helped me heal my tumultuous relationship with my body. I have hypothyroid disease and learning to cope with this disease and adjust to my new body has been a journey. Hypothyroidism, in a nutshell, means your thyroid which is the butterfly-shaped gland in your throat, is underactive and effects your metabolism and a lot of other things as well. Every person’s experience with hypothyroidism is different so I can only speak for my own struggles and symptoms. I have worked with a personal trainer and with a nutritionist and it is just a struggle to manage my body weight with my underactive thyroid.pic1 Learning to love me for who I am, is an everyday battle. Somedays I feel beautiful and empowered and other days I look in the mirror critically. One recent struggle I want to share with you is this picture of me that was taken at the end of my training for our internal database at work. I just started my first big career job after I graduated from college in December. At the end of a long ten-week training, we had to have our picture taken for our internal website. I picked out the most flattering outfit I owned and contoured the hell out of my face in preparation for this picture. When I saw the final picture in my inbox my heart dropped, I thought it looked terrible. My hair looks flat, I look wide, and I look like I am storing food for the winter in my cheeks.  After a few days and some encouraging words from my wonderful boyfriend, I posted it to my profile instead of rescheduling another picture because I am beautiful and my chubby cheeks make me who I am. So this blog and every post will only add to movement of women of all shapes and sizes embracing who they are.  Screw diet culture and a society that shames women into believing they need to look a certain way to feel beautiful. If you’re still reading this you’re a trooper.

untitled-1_151Here are some awesome body-positive women to follow on Instagram:

@bodyposipanda  @nourishandeat  @tessholiday


Thanks for reading my rant,

also, you are beautiful

love always,

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