6 Cute Spring Pieces This Plus Size Girl Needs



DISCLAIMER: Just because your body does not look like the models wearing these clothes does not mean you cannot rock them. Just because you are not the ideal body type that society has brainwashed you into believing you should look like does not mean you are undeserving to shop and buy clothes for yourself. You are beautiful! And can wear anything you want to wear!

If you were about to spend hours online shopping, don’t worry friends, I have already done that for you. Now I don’t really believe in spending a ton of money on clothes because come on, I have an entry level position job, I have been out of college for 6 months so I am still broke. So here are some spring pieces that are definitely in my cart that I will not just close out of the browser after looking at the price.

A need one of these cute novelty skirts from ModCloth, they come in plus sizes as well. Modcloth can be a little bit pricey but the quality of their fabric and clothing makes it worth it. Especially for a staple piece like a midi skirt.


Yellow Floral Skirt                     Cute Desserts Skirt                Adorable Hot Air Balloon Skirt

The hot air balloons skirt just kills me it’s so cute. All of these skirts are a perfect length for the office as well. Pair these skirts with a cute white v neck for the weekend or a silk blouse and cardigan for the office.  The prints are flirty and give that cute quirky Jessica Day from New Girl vibe.

Rompers! The ultimate instant outfit for a lazy girl like me. Flowy rompers are my favorite because they are so comfortable.

rompers        Red Floral Romper                     Polka Dot Romper                    Black Crochet Romper

The red floral romper is from Forever 21 currently on sale for $16.03, and it is so cute with the lace up front. The polka dot romper from Charlotte Russe is my favorite because it has a cute retro vibe and the lace detailing along the bottom is so darling. The black crochet romper also from Charlotte Russe would be cute for a spring date night paired with some wedges.

Next, a satin top is my staple for spring! I have one white satin top that I wear with everything when I am trying to throw together a cute spring work outfit.


Off The Shoulder Satin Top                Flower Satin Top                   Long Sleeve Satin Top

Unfortunately, it is against my company’s dress code to wear off the shoulder tops so I threw in the long sleeve olive top from Forever 21 for those girls out there that work in a cold office with an objectifying dress code. The olive green off the shoulder top from Charlotte Russe is the perfect shade of green and the sleeves are such a cute detail. The off the shoulder floral top from Forever 21 is perfectly springy and the print is beautiful.

The next must have for me is a cute jean jacket. A jean jacket really is a closet must have and it is on my list to purchase next. It makes cute tank tops and not work appropriate dresses transformed into a cute office outfit. Also, a jean jacket is great for spring and fall when the temperatures are a bit cooler.


Ruffle Jacket – Target      Light Jean Jacket – Forever 21   Distressed Jacket – Charlotte Russe

The Forever 21 light jean jacket is really cute and functional but the ruffle detail on the Target jacket gives me life. The distressed jacket is a nice denim color and the distressed detail gives it an edgy look.

Tassel Earrings are so trendy right now so indulge in these affordable options.


Pink Tassel Earrings                  Yellow Tassel Earrings                 Red Tassel Earrings

Charlotte Russe is coming through for us with the blush tassel earrings that are only $6.00! The tomato red tassel earrings are from Ann Taylor on sale for $19.88 and they come in olive green and royal blue as well. The yellow tassel earrings are a bit on the high end for earrings but they are from Urban Outfitters for $45.00 and come in four other colors.

The last thing I can’t have enough of is wedges! I really enjoy Torrid’s wedges because I have wide feet, no shame. Also, their shoes are just a lot more comfortable to me. But I also included a cute pair from Urban Outfitters.


Black Strappy Wedges       Cage Cut Out Platform Wedges             Jelly Wedges

First off, all the black and cut out wedges are from Torrid and are on sale right now! The reason I wanted to include the black wedges because I own these wedges in nude and they are so comfortable and go with everything. The nude cut out wedges are so trendy and could be worn with anything. The jelly wedges from Urban Outfitters are so adorable, fun, and flirty.

Well friends if you have made it this far, I love you, and have fun shopping!


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