Amazon Black Mask Peel Review & My Skin Care Routine


Welcome friends to Self Care Sunday! Every Sunday should be a day of taking the time to relax and check in with yourself as you get ready for the week. Taking care of yourself mentally is so important and not something a lot of people make time for. I have realized as I grow older that I normally put people and their needs above my own. Eventually, I had a therapist set up an analogy that changed the way I viewed taking care of myself. She told me life is just like when a flight attendant tells you at the beginning of a flight that if the cabin of the plane loses pressure you have to put on your own oxygen mask before you can help other people. In that situation, if you were to go to help someone else before putting on your own mask you would lose oxygen, pass out, and not be able to help yourself or anyone else. Life is the same, you must take care of your own oxygen mask and make sure you are okay before you can begin to help others. This means spending even just a few hours of the week investing in yourself. I plan on making this a recurring series here on my blog with different ways to practice self-care.

51qzCgKXSFL Giving myself mini spa days with face masks, a bubble bath, and painting my nails is how I am going to have a few hours of self-care this Sunday.  So, today I am trying out that black suction mask that I keep seeing on all of my social medias and I also wanted to share my skin routine with yall as well. I order a cheaper face mask than the more high-end masks on the market, but hey I am a broke twenty-two year old with an entry level job so I bought the $15.00 bottle from amazon. The product had about three and a half stars and over a thousand reviews but I was curious to try it on my own so here is my own review from when I added it to my skin care routine.


Unfortunately for me, I have very dry and sensitive skin, so all of my products are normally very carefully picked to not cause my face to break out in a rash. I was a bit nervous once I received the bottle since the ingredients were all in a different language. I arranged the products in the picture above in the order I use them starting on the left going to the right. I start by washing my face with the ultra gentle Neutrogena daily cleanser face wash which is a heaven sent product. Next, I make sure I get all of the day’s makeup and dirt off with the L’oreal micellar cleansing water and a cotton ball.mask Then after drying my face really well, I applied the black suction mask with an extra eyeshadow brush that I have never used. It did take a couple of layers to fill all the separating and bubbles that kept forming in the mask. Also, I only coated my forehead down the bridge of my nose, covered my whole nose and out to the apples of my cheeks instead of doing my whole face. I have seen a lot of different time lengths you should wait for the mask to harden from 15 minutes to an hour on the internet. Well, I waited for a whole episode of Grand Designs, a Netflix series about architecture that has sucked me in recently. This was about 30 minutes and was dry enough for me, however, I will say it was kind of painful to pull off so I just started to pull it off as fast I could. Surprisingly it did pull stuff out of my skin! I tried to get a good picture of it but I am not quite sure if this picture does it justice. My skin felt so soft, smooth, and exfoliated. There was some little black spots of residue left on my skin but I used my Lush Eau Roma Water toner on a cotton ball to clean up the excess then lightly misted my face with the rest of the toner. I love this toner so much because it is made with natural ingredients and the rose water helps calm the redness in my cheeks. After the toner dries I apply some rose Vaseline chapstick, this is the best chapstick and it is so hydrating. Finally depending how dry my skin is I either use the Nivea essentially enriched lotion for good days or the Aquaphor advanced therapy lotion for the days my skin is extra dry.

Well, friends, I think the black suction mask has officially earned a spot in my skincare routine because of how soft and exfoliated it left my skin and I had no reaction to it either. If you have dry or sensitive skin like me and would like to use any of these products you can find them in the links below, and you know me, so none of these products are over $15.00! Thanks for reading, I appreciate you and enjoy a relaxing Sunday.

Skin Care Products:

Neutrogena Ultra Gentle Face Wash

L’oreal Micellar Cleansing Water

Black Suction Mask

Lush Eau Roma Water

Nivea Essentially Enriched Lotion

Aquaphor Advanced Therapy Lotion

Vaseline Lip Therapy Rosy Lips

Eyeshadow Brushes


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