DIY Bath Bombs


IMG_8148-2Hello, DailyFriends and welcome to episode two of Self Care Sunday. I hope last Sunday you pampered yourself and took some time to reset. This Sunday your favorite sisters are going to show you a fun DIY bath bomb to make your weekend soak in the bubble bath a little more fun. Also, Tiffany and I went through the frustration of combing Pinterest and trying failed recipes before finding one that actually works! IMG_8151-2Speaking of finding a recipe that works, shout out to the YouTube channel WhatsUpMoms for having a great bath bomb recipe. So here is a step by step of our process of making bath bombs.

So our first step in making these DIY bath bombs was to order supplies from Amazon! We ordered these Paxcoo 4 Set Metal Bath Bomb Mold Shapes Including 4 Sizes 8 Pieces with 4 Organza Bags for DIY Crafting. Along with Citric Acid 1 lb Pure for Bath Bombs and Lavender Essential Oil. Next Tiff and I ran to our local grocery store and got baking soda, corn starch, Epsom salt, saran wrap,  and food coloring. You will also need a bowl, some measuring cups, and a whisk.

IMG_8152-2First, you are going to want to measure out all of your dry ingredients:

1/2 cup of Baking Soda

1/4 cup of Citric Acid

1/4 cup of Corn Starch

1/4 cup of Epsom Salt

Combine them all in a bowl and whisk together until all the dry ingredients are thoroughly mixed. Next, in a small bowl, we used a coffee mug because I don’t have any small bowls or cute dishes of any kind haha, mix:

1 teaspoon of Essential Oil

IMG_8154-21/2 tablespoon of Water

A few drops of food coloring

Next, and this is so important, slowly stir in small amounts of the liquid ingredients while furiously whisking the dry ingredients. You want to pour in small amounts while mixing so you don’t activate the citric acid, which is what makes the bath bomb fizz in the water. Continue to whisk all the ingredients together until the food coloring is evenly spread. Let’s just take a second to admire my chubby little fingers in the picture on your left haha, Tiffany is the photographer so sorry guys. Also, the whisk in the second picture from the top IMG_8156-2is actually a blender attachment because I don’t own an actual whisk, just thought you should know that.

Okay so now that were done laughing at me, take your mixed ingredients and pack them into the molds either with a spoon or Tiffanys preferred method, your fingers. Pack a little extra into the molds so when you put the two sides together there is not a space in the middle. We IMG_6403-2didn’t have enough to fill up the medium size mold so we got two perfect half spheres out of the mold instead of a nice globe of bath bomb goodness. The molds we got didn’t snap together so a recommendation we got from the WhatsUpMoms YouTube channel is to use the plastic Christmas ornaments that snap together from a craft store. So since ours did not snap together we wrapped the molds in saran wrap to hold the two IMG_8166-2-2sides together. Next, a few recipes said half an hour to an hour in the freezer, however after an hour we took out the smallest mold from the fridges and tried to take it out of the mold and it completely fell apart. Rest in piece tiny bath bomb. So after that, we left the two survivors in the freezer for over twelve hours. Finally the next morning I took them out from the freezer and low and behold, one perfect bath IMG_8167-2bomb and two halves of a bath bomb! We love the light blue color they turned. So I grabbed a candle, my favorite wine, a book and enjoyed my bath bomb.

Well, friends go ahead and try this recipe and leave a comment below if your bath bomb turned out almost as good as Lush bath bomb! Also, follow Tiffany and me on social media to keep up with all of our crafting shenanigans. You can find us on SnapChat at BrookeBrilliant or TiffanyHodge, or click one of social media buttons to find us anywhere else. Enjoy your relaxing Sunday and take a long bubble bath.

Take care of yourselves friends


With love,





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