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Amazon top review FI2

Hi DailyFriends and welcome to my Amazon review! I bought these four tops from Amazon, many of them have tons of reviews and ratings. Personally, I am big online shopper which can be a gamble since you don’t get to try it on, but Amazon Prime is amazing so I decided why not.  Now, none of the tops are sold in the plus size section of Amazon fashion and to be real right now Amazon’s plus size fashion section is a damn shame. That’s right Amazon I am calling you out, step up your plus size game Amazon!! Fortunately, these tops came in extra large and bigger sizes.

First Top:

ATR1 ATR2 ATR10edit

Romastory Women’s Summer Tops Bandage V-Neck Casual Girls Tees T Shirt

The first top is this black double v-neck with straps, it comes in nine colors and the largest size it comes in XX-Large. It has 148 customer review, is 4 out of 5 stars, and is $12.98! So, of course, I needed to buy it. The third picture from the left is the actual shirt that was delivered to me. I ordered it in black obviously and the largest size possible because I wanted the sleeves to look loose like it did in the model photos but I normally wear an extra large in tops.

Results: I love this top, in fact, I am wearing it right now while writing this blog.  You can wear it either way with the straps in the front or the straps in the back. The fabric is so soft, the sleeves are a great length and are not tight on my arms. The actual length of the shirt is kind of long but this will look cute tucked into jeans. I also enjoy that the v-neck isn’t too low cut in the back so you can wear a normal bra. I will definitely order this shirt in a different color. So this one is a win!:)

Top Two:


Haola Women’s Summer Street Printed Tops Funny Juniors T Shirt Short Sleeve Tees

This second top looks like it would be a cute cotton t-shirt with a fun pineapple print, it comes in six different prints that are all different and the largest size it comes in is XX-Large. It has 447 customer reviews, is 4 out of 5 stars and is $12.69! The print on the top is really cute and trendy so I decided to buy it. I ordered this top in an extra large because I was under the impression it was a cotton shirt and I thought it would be too large if I got the bigger size. The shirt pictured on the left is what I received.

Results: This shirt will definitely find its home in Tiffany’s closet. Even though I got in an extra large it fits like a medium, the sleeves are so short and it is a weird spandex material. The pineapple print is so much smaller than the picture as well. Although it’s not cotton the fabric is still soft. It’s just a sensory thing for me about fabric clingy to me rather than a self-conscious thing, but I really cannot do it. So this top was a disappointment. ):

Top Three:

ATR4   ATR9edit

WLLW Women Casual See Through Floral Print Long Sleeve Chiffon Shirt Blouse Tops

This third top is a flowy long sleeved blouse with a floral print, it comes in this one floral print, and the largest size it comes in is XXX-Large. It has 528 customer reviews, and it has 4 out of 5 stars and is $16.99.  I have seen this top on Pinterest before so I was so excited to finally buy it. I ordered it in an extra large just because it looked flowy on the model and I didn’t want it to overwhelm me. The top pictured on the right is what I received.

Results: This is probably my favorite top I got out of all four tops. I have already worn this to work and got so many compliments on it. Seriously don’t be surprised if you see this top make an appearance in a future favorite outfit Friday. Even though the print is smaller than the print originally pictured, the colors and the print is still really cute. My favorite detail is that it buttons at the top of the neckline with this cute little pearl button. An extra large was a perfect size and there is a black layer under the front part of the blouse so only the back of the shirt is super sheer. This shirt was definitely a success! 🙂

Top Four:

ATR5     ATR8Edit

Mixmax Women Flowy Sheer Crop Sleeves Loose Chiffon Kimono Cardigan Blouse Top

This fourth and final top is a chiffon kimono that was featured on the last favorite outfit Friday, it comes in nine different prints but this is the only print with the crocheted trim on the bottom and sleeves. The largest size this kimono comes in is large, it has 535 customer reviews, and is 4 out of 5 stars. This top was also $12.99 which is the kind of deals I am looking for so I ordered it in a large.

Results: Even though it says it’s large it fits perfectly and is not tight and still is flowy. The colors are more of a pastel than the print in the picture. Overall I love this kimono and because it’s like a rainbow floral print on a nude background you can literally wear it with anything. It is also very lightweight and is perfect for the summer. I know for me personally it helps me make outfits appropriate for work and also gives my arms a little extra coverage for the days I am kicking a can down insecurity road. This purchase was a success! 🙂

So overall, 3 out 4 tops is not that bad of odds, especially for buying tops from Amazon and without trying them on! I am online shopper because I am so busy and I also shopping can sometimes be a traumatizing event, especially for someone who is recovery from a toxic relationship with their image! Give these tops a try and comment down below if you order any of them.

Also, leave me a comment if you like these type of reviews or if there are any products you would like this curvy girl to review!

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Love you DailyFriends,

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