Hello, daily friends! Since it was 100 degrees here in Texas yesterday, I thought I would share my summer accessories/wish list to get you through the summer heat!

PicMonkey Collage-2

Class Pink Suede Sandal                    H&M Sunglasses                      Forever21 Cactus Hat

I picked these oh so cute slip on sandals (Luca and Grae)for when you’re running out the door to go out with friends, or date night. They simply dress up any outfit, with just a slip of the foot. These $9 H&M sunglasses are super cute and just scream summer and for the cute cactus hat (Forever21) is just a MUST HAVE for summer time!

PicMonkey Collage

Mirrored Cat Eye Sunglasses        Swim Suit Coverup                     Double-Strap Sandal

Okay well, lets address something first before we go into why I picked these things, yes I have a SLIGHT obsession with the blush/rose gold color. I picked these three because the sunglasses (forever21) are super cute and I’m loving the cat eye right now, and the swimsuit cover up (forever21) and the sandals (Old Navy) are just perfect for beach and pool days.

Summer is upon us and its time to break out the sandals and anything to protect you from the blazing sun!!!

In the comments below tell me what is your summer must have accessory!

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  1. livebyluna says:

    OHMYGOSH! The cactus hat!! The pink shoes! I must have that!!! 😍. Sorry I have this whole nature craze thing going on right now. My favorite must have summer accessory are either my cat eye sunglasses or my heart shaped aviator sunglasses. Which the heart shaped ones are currently broken so I need new ones and it’s driving me crazy!


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