DIY Cactus Doormat

Hello, Daily Friends! Welcome to this super fun, cute and easy DIY! We chose cacti and two different colored triangles & we LOVED how this turned out!

First, you will need a blank door mat, a print out of your favorite cactus, some paint, tape, and brushes! THATS EASY ENOUGH!


We began with cutting out the middle of the cactus to make a stencil and also cut a corner off of a card stock piece of paper to make the stencil for the triangles! Then we taped down the cactus stencil (we recommend card stock paper instead of printer paper) to the doormat and painted away!


The paint dried instantly! Although it took many coats of paint because the texture is very weird to paint it turns out super cute and the Amazon Delivery guy is going to be pretty impressed!



This is such a fun and easy DIY! We had a blast doing it and cannot wait to see what your doormat turns out like! Do this DIY and tag us on Instagram (sistersdailyblog) and Twitter  (@dailysisters) so we can see yalls cute new doormats!


Thanks for crafting with us!


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