5 June 17

Happy Monday Daily Friends and welcome to my top 5 favorite curvy girl hacks. Don’t get me wrong, I love being a curvy girl and these hacks in no way are meant to hide or alter my figure. These hacks just make life easier or make your favorite clothes fit and feel better! So let us get to the list.


Use deodorant or baby powder between your thighs to prevent chub rub or chaffing when you are wearing shorts, skirts, or any piece of clothing that makes your thighs touch. I keep a deodorant stick in my purse with me during the hot Texas summers and I reply the deodorant on my thighs when wearing shorts to prevent the painful chaffing. I know they also sell sticks of body glide for athletes to prevent chaffing, but deodorant just serves so many purposes!


Hack number two is for when your jeans are a little tight but they are your favorite pair so you’re going to try and wear them anyways. Sometimes this hack is really helpful as well when your jeans get tight in the dryer! So what I do is get a spray bottle full of water and lightly spray my jeans and then pull the legs. This stretches the material and makes the fabric a little more stretchy. I will finish my make up or eat some breakfast while letting my jeans air dry. Also, This cute mint green spray bottle is from Ikea and was like $2!



Every curvy girl, no every girl period, needs a good strapless bra. If you have a C cup or bigger though then you know the girls are going to need a little more support. Although personally I don’t like wearing bras with extra padding or push up, these things are a necessity in a good strapless bra when they are no straps to support you. Also, the best kind of strapless bra has three or four hooks on the back. Get that two hook strapless bra out of my face bro. This strapless bra from Lane Bryant is so supportive.



Hack number four is for when you can’t button your favorite jeans, or when you just ate such a large meal that you are uncomfortable and just need to unbutton your pants but you’re in public.  So first take your hair elastic and loop it around the button on the opposite side of the button hole then pull the rest of the elastic through the button hole. Take the other end loop and pull it back over the button to hold the two together. I tried to explain that as best as I could. If that made absolutely no sense then reference the picture above haha. This hack will seriously save you, especially when you are bloating.


Hack number five is a tried a true hack that every girl should know no matter what size you wear. Every girl needs a good pair of SPANX! Seriously though wearing Spanx is about more than changing your figure. Clothes just fit better over Spanx and they just smooth everything out. I know for me personally, I never wear a dress or skirt without Spanx on just to avoid my dress or skirt getting stuck between my but cheeks hee hee. I am just going to link the Spanx website so you can go get you some (not sponsored, but once again Spanx if your reading this HIT ME UP, GIRL).

Get you some Spanx!


WELL, FRIENDS, those are my top five, ride or die, actually helpful curvy girl hacks.

Comment down below if you have any curvy girl hacks that make your life easier!

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