Hi, daily friends! This week I started my very first internship at Mary Kay Inc. the first day was full of info and lots of listening! We got to learn everything from clocking in to learning all about Mary Kay Ash’s story, do you know what Mary Kay is? Just in case you don’t know it is a cosmetic company!


They served us a very yummy breakfast and lunch! We toured the building and walked through the Mary Kay Museum, and watched the Mary Kay movie, “thinking like a woman”, Mary Kay started this multimillion business with $5,000.


We also got to go up to the 13th floor where Mary Kays office still is today! She had a huge collection of porcelain figurines, and an all pink bathroom with a gold plated sink! VERY MK, with windows full of all the views! And of course, we were showered with goodies! This post will be coming soon! I want to do a haul of all the Mary Kay makeup I was given, it’s all soooooo cute!!

What I wore the first day!


Cardigan is from LOFT, LOFT (previous pic)

You can read where I got the dress and shoes in my internship clothing haul post! Internship Clothing Haul




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