Things I learned in College

7 June 17

Hi, Daily Friends! I really can’t believe it but it has been 6 MONTHS since I graduated from college. It has been such a crazy six months trying to make it in the real adult world and life has constantly been changing. Last weekend I bought two congratulation cards for my cousins who graduated from high school which caused me to reminisce all week about my own graduation last December. I was thinking about the important things I learned in college and some of the things I regret. I wanted to share my college experience with my Daily Friends, so here are some important things I have learned during my time at college!

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  1. You will change as a person. It’s the weird mixture of being away from your family for the first time and finally maturing out of your teen years that makes you change as a person. Personally, I took a lot of philosophy, sociology, psychology, and counseling classes which really influenced my opinions. Many viewpoints that I previously had held changed after I became better educated or was exposed to different perspectives on issues. I discovered things I was passionate about and interested in. One aspect that really changed who I was, was my opinion about my appearance. In high school, I would rather stay home from school than to go to school without my hair and a full face of makeup done. In college, I learned to care less about my outward appearance and routinely went to class with no makeup on and my hair in a messy bun and guess what no one ran away from me in fear.
  2. The personal growth you experience is sometimes uncomfortable and confusing. What this statement means to me specifically is I started to realize friends I had from high school became total strangers to me.I realized we had nothing in common and were only friends because we went to the same high school or were in the same extracurricular activities. It dawned upon me that growing apart from friends meant that I was growing as a person. Although I could appreciate my growth, it also felt lonely at times. I am so grateful for the people who came in and out of my life during those four and half years. I am a true believer in people coming into your life for a reason and also leave for a reason.
  3. Get a degree in a subject you’re interested in NOT what is practical or what your parents want you to major in. To add to the previous statement, don’t be scared to change your major even if your half way through college like I did, twice. Changing my major did cause me to graduate a semester late but it was worth it. I majored in Integrative Studies, with allowed me to pick three topics I was interested in and accumulate enough advanced classes in those topics for them to be considered a major. I picked psychology, sociology, and counseling because I am so interested in understanding why people behave the way they do. I was originally a history major but was unhappy focusing on history only, but I did graduate with my minor in history. So I truly got to study things that interested me. Sure looking back now it would have been more practical to major in business or something practical but I really enjoyed the subjects I chose.
  4. It is never too late to get your shit together when everything is falling apart. I literally could go on and on about this statement but I will try to make sure this does not turn into a short novel. There were so many times during college where I was failing an assignment or a class and turned my grade around after midterms or even the week of finals.Probably the most amazing example of this statement is in one of my psychology classes we had to write short papers all semester over different psychology case studies, but they weren’t due until the end of the semester. Of course, like the professional procrastinator I am, I hadn’t written a single paper yet and the due date was two weeks away. Two weeks was still plenty of time in my mine to crank out ten papers, but complacency caused time to slip away from me. Three days until the papers due date arrived and I woke up that morning determined not to fail this class. I stayed up for three days straight writing paper after paper until I got them all done and not only did I pass the class, I got a B in the class friends. This is not just true for college, it is never too late to get your shit together period.
  5. If you love someone, and they love you, you will grow and change together. My boyfriend Ben and I have been together since we were sixteen years old, and if I had a dollar for everytime someone told me when we were graduating high school that we would grow apart in college, then I wouldn’t have any student loans to payback. We decided to go to college together and live together at eighteen years old. No, it wasn’t easy, or anywhere near a Disney movie fairy tale because personal growth is never easy or comfortable. But as we changed as people we reconnected time and time again. I fell in love with Ben with every new stage of personal development, and more every day I love the man he is becoming.  He also encourages me to pursue my new passions and always supports my goals even as they change. I know its mushy but supporting your partner’s growth is important for any relationship at any stage in life.


Well Daily Friends, if you have made it this far then you are an actual saint. I am sorry this became a wall of text but I know many of you are about to go to college or university,  or a currently going through a time of personal growth and I wanted to share with yall my observations during my time. I still can’t believe Ben and I graduated six short months ago. Now we have careers and a townhome and are adulting. Let me know if you liked this in the comments below, or share what the most important thing you learned in college was! Also, follow me on Snapchat so you can keep up with me trying to adult at BrookeBrilliant!



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