10 June 17Hello, daily friends! Do you want to find out how to make this OH SO cute wall hanging?? Well then keep on reading because we’ve got the step by step directions for you!

All it took was some yarn, scissors, dowel and a book! We purchased all of this at Jo’Anns Craft store! So first were going to explain how to make the pom poms and then we will go over how to make the tassels. These yarn balls were only a $1.50 a piece, except the giant white yarn ball it was $3.00! We picked light pink, hot pink, mustard yellow, royal blue, and navy blue but you can choose whatever colors are aesthetically pleasing to you.


So the first thing we did was make the pom poms. So first grab a good medium size book. Shout out to Suzanne Collins, even though the movies were crap, the books were so good. Then take the yarn and make a loop around the book. Tie the yarn at the top of the book, then continue to loop the yarn around the book until you get a thickness that you like.


Then cut some small ties and tie sections around your loop of yarn.


then cut in the middle section between the ties


Ta-dah! Then we took the white yarn and looped it through the tie in the middle of the pom pom. Then cut the white yarn to whatever length you want the pom the hang, then tie the end to the dowel.


So next let us make some tassels. Also, those are makeup swatches on my hand which I didn’t realize was still on my hand until I was editing these pictures. So the steps are similar as the pom poms. Tie a loop for whatever size tassel you want. Depending on how big we wanted the tassel, we would either be using our fingers or a book. So once you tie your loop then keep looping around until you get the desired thickness that you want the tassels to be.


Then take the yarn and tie it at one end, this is the yarn string that your going to attach to the dowel so cut it to whatever length you want it to hang.


Cut a small tie from the same color yarn and tie it however high up or low from the end that is tied to your hanging string.


Tie the yarn to the dowel and cut off the ends of the tie. I tied the ends in a knot just to make sure it is secure. Then we tied one long white string to both ends of the dowel so we could hang it on the wall.



This turned out so cute! We really didn’t have a pattern or reason for why we made some strings longer than others. This only took a couple of hours to do so we just watched YouTube videos and chatted while we crafted this. Because I am such a great big sister, Tiffany gets to take this home to her apartment in Lubbock!

Well, friends, I hoped you enjoyed this crafty Saturday with your favorite sisters! Comment down below if these directions made any sense haha. Also if you make this DIY wall hanging take picture of it and tweet it at us @DailySisters!

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