Hello, daily friends! It is self-care Sunday, which means slowing down and taking care of yourself. Being proud of yourself and recognizing what those things are in your life can be hard and we are often are way too critical of ourselves. It is so important to recognize the positive things in your life, and it is okay to be proud of yourself.  This self-care Sunday we wanted to be creative while also taking care of ourselves so when we sat down to really think about what we are proud of we came up with this!

11 June 17


First things first I have ZERO drawing/handwriting/ doodling skills. But I wanted to share WHY I’m proud of these things!

1. my GPA, I work very very hard for my grades and I know what you’re thinking oh she has a perfect 4.0 but no I have 3.8,  but that doesn’t mean I can’t be proud. School is hard, I surprised myself and got an A in my law class last semester!

2. thing I’m proud of is my 5-month-old Labraheeler Luca, she is such a smart puppy! She was house and crate trained in a month or so.

3.I am proud of my boyfriend Joshua, he is my best friend and is an awesome human all around! He has been the best partner to do life with since meeting each other sophomore year in high school.

4. my internship! It has been so much fun & I cannot wait for the rest of the summer.

5. Lastly being half way done with college, although I am not excited to enter the adult world or leave Raiderland I am excited for the future!




  1. My first major thing I am proud of is getting my first career job after I graduated! I work for a great finance company, but they have strict social media rules so I am not going to mention the company name. It’s an entry level position but it is super competitive firm to work for and I probably wouldn’t have gotten the position without the help of a family friend. But in business, it is who you know not what you know. It’s a great financial firm to work for and has amazing benefits. Plus it helps finance all the fun crafts and things for the blog!
  2. The second thing is I am proud of my boyfriend Ben! I will try to not make this super long and mushy but on the 24th of this month, Ben and I will have been together for six and a half years. He also is establishing his first career at United Rentals since graduating and has just been working so hard. We have accomplished so much as a couple and I can’t wait to see how our first year out of college goes.
  3. Graduating from college is something I am so proud of! If you want to read a little bit more about my college experience check out this post. Seriously at one point, there was a time that I didn’t think I would graduate. College wasn’t the easiest time for because I worked so much and went to school so I felt constantly stressed and overwhelmed. I wouldn’t have graduated without the love, support, and constant motivation from my boyfriend Ben.
  4. The fourth thing on the list is moving into our town home! I cannot stress how much I love our townhome. We moved in on president’s day in February this year. Its three bedrooms and three bathrooms and is so much roomier than our first apartment that was 500 square feet. Also, we can have family stay with us. Ben’s mom has stayed with us and now Tiffany is living with us for the summer. We even have a little backyard for our little dog Evee. Unfortunately, we will have to move to Fort Worth, Texas next March for our jobs but right now I am enjoying our little home.
  5. Last but certainly not least, I am so so proud of Tiffany and I starting this blog. We are both creative, love crafting, and are so passionate about fashion and beauty. Our vision for this little blog is to build a community that shares these same hobbies and is also a safe place for curvy girls to build their confidence. Tiffany and I have always had curvy figures thanks to our awesome genetics (shout out to our Grandma Karen) and have always struggled to find clothes or to establish our sense of style. Here at Sisters Daily, we hope to build a family that relates this! I am so proud of us for producing content every single day, despite the fact that we are so busy!


Here is a bonus picture of our cute puppies!

DSC_0282Luca! Follow her @Lucathelabraheeler on Instagram!


And Evee! They helped us write this blog post today!


Thanks for reading Daily Friends and take care of yourselves today!




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