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Hi, Daily Friends! It is Wednesday and it is also time for another Amazon review of a very popular product that I see all over social media. Once again, this isn’t sponsored by Amazon, but Amazon if your reading hit this girl up. I can’t tell you how many videos of Instagram ‘models’ using this drawstring bra I have seen over the past month. So of course, I needed to test it out. But I am a broke recent college grad so I went to Amazon to see if I could find a product that worked, was in my budget, was big enough for my boobs, and actually magically lifted my chest like I had seen happen to every basic white girl on Instagram.

So let’s review a few things:

Was it budget friendly? Yes, this bra was $17.99 at the time I bought it with my Amazon Prime membership.

Was it the right size? So it was too small and I got a D, which depressingly was the largest size they offer. This is the exact reason I decided not to post any pictures of me in this bra in this post because it just looks borderline explicit. I am either a 36DD or 38D depending where I buy bras and I was so disappointed that I couldn’t find an affordable option in my size. Curvy girl problems, amirite?

Did it magically create the perfect cleavage? I will give this bra credit, it did push them together. Although, because it was too small I couldn’t pull the drawstring all the way closed and it felt like my skin was ripping on either side of my boobs.

Did it push my boobs up and support them? No. Just no. It did smash them together but it gave the girls absolutely no support. The only way I could wear this bra is if I wore a strapless bra over it, and that is just way too much work for me.

What did I hate most about this product? The first time I wore it, I was trying to wear it with a spaghetti strap dress that had one of those built in sport bra things. The bra stopped sticking and was sliding off before I even left the house, and I could feel the sweat accumulating in my cleavage (I know that’s TMI, but I am keeping it real with y’all). Thanks, Texas heat, and humidity!

Should you buy this product? No, I am going to say it should be a hard pass. In fact, I am going to link it down below for my Daily Friends so you don’t accidentally buy it.

Worst Drawstring Bra

Well friends, thanks for reading this! Please leave a comment down below if you found a better brand of this bra, or if there is anything else you would like me to buy off Amazon and review! Love you!!!




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