Shop with me! Summer

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Hello, Daily Friends! Today I am taking you along with me to do some online shopping! This post is going to be a mix of a wish list and things I plan on buying this summer! Let’s get started!

First let’s start with swimsuits because it’s summer, duh!

these first two swimsuits I have picked out are from ASOS; I love the palm tree leaf pattern on the first swimsuit and the cut of the bottoms, I think this cut is super flattering! The second swimsuit is a one piece and I am so glad one pieces are back in style because they are SOOO cute! Palm Print Bikini   One Piece. The third swimsuit is from Aerie, and is super cute plus props to them for not using stick figures to model every swimsuit! I really love this red color! Aerie Scoop One Piece


Next, let’s talk about clothes!!!

SOOOO let’s talk about the top 3 pieces first! The set with the bows is SOOO cute, I am really into sets lately and I think this is the perfect summer set! Bells and Whistles Set Next the skirt, this stood out to me because of the bow on the front… I am beginning to see a pattern here lol. But really the skirt is so cute and would be a piece that you could use to dress up any top! Bow Down Skirt And now the shorts, I feel like these shorts just look like summer dark washed with distressed detailing… I LOVE IT. Will 100% will be purchasing these for the summer Riptide Shorts. Okay now, let’s talk about the bottom two dresses these are both from an online store called Roolee, I have discovered this from a YouTuber and have been OBSESSED, they have everything clothes, swim, decor, baby, maternity and everything is SOOO CUTE. So the first dress on the left is just a simple block color dress that I need to add to my wardrobe, this can be dressed up and dressed down, Line in the Sand Dress. The dress on the right is a dress I have been drooling over and will purchase but we will see how it ends up fitting because I’m only 5’1 SOOOO it might just make me look like a sack. BUT other than that it is so cute I love the detailing and the color and UGH its perfect! Dang being short because I’ve been LOVING long dresses lately, guess Brooke will be doing a lot of hemming this summer 😉


Now let’s talk BEAUTY!

Summer is throwing on concealer, eyeshadow, some bronzer/highlight and lipstick and going out! I am on the hunt for a good concealer and I think the new Tarte Beauty Shape Tape will be suspect of mine during this hunt! I have swatched it at Ulta but haven’t taken the plunge yet, it lasted all day on my hand though so that’s promising! Shape Tape Concealer Next is the Tartelette Eyeshadow palette, a Youtuber I follow has recently used this in a video and I think it fits my eyeshadow needs perfectly with all the nude colors! Can’t wait to use this palette, Tartelette Palette. The middle picture is the Benefit Cheek Parade, and I’m obsessed and cannot wait to get my hands on this!! Cheek Parade- Benefit Cosmetics MAC LIPSTICK… my ultimate weakness… you know you own too many mac lipsticks when you scroll through the colors and have four in a row… I know I know its a problem. The top lipstick is the color retro, Retro Lipstick, and the website describes this color as a muted peachy pinky brown and I have yet to have a brown color in my lipstick collection, I really like the dark lipsticks! The bottom one is Faux, Faux Lipstick, I have seen this color a lot on Pinterest and have seen a lot of people talk about it and I think I’m finally joining the club. I need a nice neutral, my lips but better color and I think this color will serve that purpose!

Self-Care Products

So, of course, Lush would find its way onto this wishlist, there is just nothing better than a bath & a bath bomb to make that bath a whole lot better! Every year my boyfriend gets me a butt load of bathbombs, and its like the best gift ever. The first bathbomb is the Rose Bombshell I have never tried this one and it looks SUPER cute! The second bath bomb is the Experimenter and this bath bomb is easily one of my all time favorites! And the third product is a face mask, I personally love their face masks and love that all the ingredients are organic, I am really looking forward to trying this face mask, Don’t Look At Me.

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