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Hello, daily friends! Today we are going to show how to make these so stinkin cute Dino Soaps! We are making these for our Nephews 5th birthday! Of course you can use whatever molds you want!

You will need a silicone mold, SOAP MOLD, some glycerin soap, SOAP BASE, essential oils, Essential Oils-floral set, soap colorant, SOAP COLORANT, and a glass measuring cup, Glass Measuring Cup!!

img_8807.jpgFirst you are going to want to cut a small block out of your soap and put it in the microwave…Microwave in 30 second incerments stirring between each until the soap is completely melted!Next you are going to add your color of choosing until you’re satisfied with the color! Now you get to add your favorite smell! We added about 10 drops! 

Pour into your molds, then you can leave them out to cool for about 30 minutes or put them in the freezer and they’ll be ready in 10 minutes! 

Thanks for reading!! We hope you find these oh so cute Dino’s a great DIY!!

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