Dad Appreciation Post

Hello, Daily Friends and happy fathers day to all the fathers out there! We wanted to dedicate this self-care Sunday to our dad! We could have done a DIY fathers gift, gift ideas, or something totally different today, but since you are just getting to know Tiffany and I it felt right to introduce you to our dad! 

Dad with Brooke (left) and Tiffany (right)

It’s Father’s Day today, so us kids decided to surprise him with a new lawnmower! I know this may seem like a cliche gift for this day but it is really significant for our Dad. Just to give you a little back story, our Dad’s current lawnmower is missing a wheel and is at least twenty years old. Our Dad is the kind of guy that will not replace things or get new things until it is absolutely dead. He once drove a car with no working air conditioning until it died. We leave in Texas with the worst summer heat, and he would come home from work everyday dripping sweat.

So we knew he would not replace this lawnmower until it died, so we decided to surprise him with a new one!

Dad with Tiffany

Our Dad is the most amazing person I know, he is disciplined, hardworking, loving, trustworthy, sensitive, and missed his calling in life to be a lecturing professor because he will lecture you to death. He has lived an amazing life with plenty of adventures. Dad was an army man for 13 years and got to live in many different countries. He is also the smartest person I know.

Dad with Brooke when Tiffany was born

Most importantly he is a great father. When he met my mom, he took on her two kids without hesitation and raised them as his own. He was a dad when he didn’t have to be, and my oldest brother took his last name when he turned 21. He taught us to work hard and to never quit. To love and respect one another, and that overall our family was the most important relationship we could have at the end of the day.

He truly is an amazing man, and I find a husband and future father to my children as half as incredible as my father I will be lucky. Our dad Michael is a father to five children and grandpa to two grandkids, and the amount of love he has for us is overwhelmingly abundant and unconditional.

Even now as an adult I find myself constantly striving to make him proud of me because he has made me so proud all my life. The amount of adversity he has overcome in his life gives me strength and courage to face my own. The patience he has always had for me empowers me to be patient with others. Overall his love and wisdom have shaped me into who I am today and I could not be more grateful.

Today friends, reach out to the people who showed you unconditional love in your life. It doesn’t have to be your father, but anyone who needs to hear that you love them.

Always, with love,

Brooke & Tiffany


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