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It’s getting hot here in Texas, and Ben and I will be in Arizona next week where it’s a whopping 115 degrees. I wore shorts for the first time of 2017 this weekend, and as a plus size, curvy girl wearing shorts is never easy. Sometimes I am self-conscious of my cellulite on the back of my thighs or how big my thighs look in shorts. It is just way to hard to not wear shorts in the Texas heat so I swallow my insecurities and pull on those denim shorts. But why does it even matter if people don’t like my legs in shorts, it’s freaking hot outside. Short shorts are not just for skinny girls, shorts are a summer necessity for any human. So I am going to post some cute summer shorts that are so cute they will give you the confidence to throw on those cutoffs this summer.

Light Wash Cutie      Black Distressed       Cherry Red High Waisted

Chambray Shorts   & Dolphin Shorts

Take it easy this Monday night! Do some online shopping because your hot and you deserve those cute shorts this summer.


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