24 June 17

Happy Saturday Daily Friends! I am so glad it’s the weekend. It is time to focus on hobbies I like instead of having to do boring work. One thing I really enjoy doing is challenging myself to be creative at least once a week, whether that is just doodling or doing a full crafting project. Today I am exercising my creative muscles by creating some cute and easy wall art prints for our guest bedroom. I will be using the website which I just absolutely love, but this is not a sponsored post. I will show you an example of a cute wall art idea.


The first one is a cute Pinterest-esqe quote you can easily make and print at home!


The first thing I do is log into my Picmonkey account and select a blank template and if I plan on printing it out and framing it I usually pick the picture size needed for the frame. Today I picked out the 8 by 10 template.


Then I pick the canvas color, and this becomes the color of the background. This light blue really stood out to me so I went with it. You can always come back to the basic edits tab to change the color of the background if you decide to change your mind later!

Next, I selected some overlays, which you can pull up by clicking the butterfly button on the toolbar on the left. I added the geometric circle overlay and selected white. I then played with other floral or shape overlays until I found one I liked. I picked a floral wreath overlay from the wedding category. Once you place the overlay on your canvas you can click it until a gray box with white dots around the corners appears, by dragging this box around you can resize your overlay. You can also use the layers box you see in the middle of the picture above to overlap the overlays by sending them forwards and backward.


Then once I was happy with my overlays I opened up the text box which is the big T and little t button on the left toolbar. I decided on the font Homemade Apple after playing with many different fonts once I typed in my quote. To change the font easily, you want to type it into the text box then click it once to where it’s highlighted then click the new font you would like in the text box. This way you can see what other fonts fit your vision without retyping it in every time.


The text toolbox is where you can change the color and size of the fonts. I chose a mauve color for the font, size 195, and centered the font. There are also some cool effects you can do in the effects tab as well. Once you’re happy with your wall art print, go ahead and click the Export button on the top white toolbar going across the top of the editing page.


On the export page, you can name your print, choose the quality of the image, and the dimensions.  Finally go ahead and click the export to computer button to save it. Or if you have trouble saving click the blue “Download it” button underneath the cancel button. This will save it as a download to your computer. You can print it from your computer from that file. If you want a large print you can take it to your local office supply store, or Wal-Mart to print a larger copy.

With Picmonkey you have so many options to create wall art for your apartment or dorm, it just takes a little time and creativity. I hope you liked this tutorial friends and if you make any cute wall art prints tag us on Twitter @DailySisters and Instagram @sistersdailyblog, or send us a Snapchat at BrookeBrilliant or TiffanyHodge.




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