28 June 17

Hey, Daily Fam! Today has been such a crazy day because Ben and I have been packing for our trip to go see his parents in Arizona. We’re arriving late today so we will only get to spend four full days with them. So today I wanted to post the five outfits I will be wearing and the new high waisted swimsuits I got for our trip.

This first outfit is the outfit I am currently wearing and will wear when I am traveling today. It’s a comfy outfit and the shirt is perfect for Arizona. This traveling outfit is a black aerie bralette, a comfy muscle tank, and cloth black shorts from Target. I paired this outfit with some simple white sandals and mascara.


The next outfit is a comfy pink tank top that is from a local boutique here and some Target denim shorts. This outfit is super comfy and cool since it is been over 100 degrees in Arizona this week.


 This next outfit it actually a dress of Tiffany’s (that is what sisters are for right haha) that I plan on wearing while were in Sedona so I can just throw it on over a swimsuit and keep me cool.


The next outfit I packed is this cute off the shoulder top and white shorts both from Target. I have a problem with buying Target clothes obviously. The shorts are as white as my sheets so you can barely see them but they are just nice white cuffed shorts.


The last outfit I packed is for when we go out for dinner! It’s this cute chambray dress and Aerie bralette. It is just so comfortable and flowy.


Next are my three swimsuits I bought from Target as well. Seriously this post is not sponsored by Target, but Target, if you are reading this, hit us up. Two of these bathing suits are high waisted bikinis. I picked the high waisted look because it not only looks more flattering but it makes me feel confident. And then I got this cute red-orange one piece suit to wear when we float the river in Sedona so I don’t lose my bottoms in the river.




Well, friends, this is what I am packing. I am going to throw in a few extra tops because I am constantly spilling shit on myself. If you liked any of these outfits just drop by your local Target because they have really cute summer stuff. Also, I am not going to let being a curvy stop me from wearing a bikini and living my best life and you shouldn’t either!

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3 thoughts on “PACK WITH ME: ARIZONA

  1. Erin says:

    Hey Brooke! How did you enjoy your visit? Looks like you were ready for the heat. I’m an Arizona native so everything you packed seems appropriate. Good read. Keep up tge good work.


    • Sisters Daily says:

      My visit was so much fun! You should check out our latest post where I recapped all the touristy things during this visit. Arizona is so beautiful, jealous you get to live there everyday.


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