Ruins, Mountains, and Cacti: My Arizona Trip! 


Hay hay Daily Fam! It is Monday, which means it was super busy for Tiffany and me! Sorry for such a late post but Ben and I got in from the airport 10:00 pm Texas time and didn’t get back to the town home until 1:00 am. Just to turn around and get up at 6:30 am for work, WOO HOO, traveling. So I wanted to give yall a recap of my fun trip to see Ben’s family!


Look at this desolate and stunning landscape


Arizona is such a beautiful state. Ben and I started visiting Arizona when his parents moved there 2 years ago for Ben’s dad’s job. Every time we go the striking and dramatic landscape takes my breath away again and again. This trip we wanted to visit some Native American ruins, see the beautiful city of Sedona, and go out on the drop dead gorgeous Lake Pleasant.


I tried to take a lot of pictures in Sedona but I really wanted to be unplugged and relaxed for awhile. Sedona has the reddest cliffs I have ever seen. The climate is a dry heat and it broke 100 degrees Fahrenheit every day, and Ben and I are so sunburned even though we slathered on the sunscreen.


We saw the most beautiful chapel that was carved into the mountainside in Sedona. I told Ben that we need to get married there(we aren’t even engaged but a girl can dream)! We also ate at the cutest little local deli that was gluten-free and dairy-free, perfect for me on day 21 of Whole30.


There is such a bad sun glare on the Native American buildings but they were so interesting and historic that I needed to post them. This was the Sinagua Native American’s who lived here in the 1200’s and made these structures.


This is the inside of the room on top of this small clifftop and is still sturdy and standing since 1200 a.d. It is just made of trees, clay, water, and rocks from the surrounding area.


This is the view from the top of that structure!


These were outlines of houses that surrounded this mountaintop dwelling.


This bad ass structure is Montezuma’s Castle, which is neither a castle or made by the Aztec chief Montezuma. It is actually a primitive apartment building built by the Sinagua people on the side of the cliff. Unfortunately, we couldn’t go in because the buildings are not safe and are fragile.


Montezuma’s Well is a small pond like a mile away from the castle, that has no fish in it and only freshwater leeches. They still are not sure where the water comes from and there are Sinagua houses built into the cliffs around them.


After doing some touristy things and seeing those ruins, us and Ben’s family got to float down the Verde River. I grabbed this picture from Google images since I couldnt bring my phone down the river. Floating the river was relaxing and peaceful. Everything around the river is so lush green compared to the red and brown landscape!


The next day Ben and I, and his sister and her boyfriend rented jet skis and explored Lake Pleasant! The sun has so bright that the water literally looked turquoise compared to the steely blue in the picture above. Since we were in the water I didn’t get to take my phone so I grabbed this picture from Google as well, but the mountains surrounding the lake was just stunning.

unnamed (5)

The other days of our vacation we spent watching movies, swimming in ben’s parent’s pool (look at the mountain view from their backyard ^), and eating wonderful meals together. It was so nice to get to relax those four days and to get to spend time with Ben’s family. Ben’s family has been in my life for 6 and a half years, so they truly do feel like second parents to me, and we miss them so much.

Well, friends, I hope you enjoyed this post! Who is looking forward to the pictures Tiffany brings back from Hawaii? I know I am!!

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