Hello, Daily Friends!! I am so excited to share yet another dupe with Y’all! If Y’all did not see the dupe post for the Better Than Sex Mascara you should go check it out!! Today we will be doing a Mac Lipstick dupe, I do have to admit this Mac lipstick is 100% my favorite lipstick color ever and I wear it just about every day!

The two lipsticks we will be comparing are the Maybelline Warm Me Up and the Mac Brave! This color is such a good your lips but better color! I really like the darker tones in lipstick, so this is my ideal pink color! Also, this color is an everyday color that completes every look! Hence why I am almost out of the Mac color, lol!

So when looking at these two colors side by side we see that they look the exact same! The consistency is just about the same too, but the Mac one is a little more matte feeling when compared to the Maybelline!

MAC Brave & Maybelline- Warm Me Up


When it comes to color as you can see above, I used flash to try to show all of the tones, they are practically identical! The Maybelline one might be a tad darker but it’s not really too big of a difference!

I have worn both of these colors and I found that I had to apply the Maybelline one more often but that is expected when buying drugstore lipstick! Other than that I give this dupe a thumbs up!!

Thanks for reading guys!



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