I can’t believe July is already here! The year is truly just flying by. The summer is heating up here in Texas which means I am on the look out for summer work outfits and accessories.

Here are 5 things that are on my wishlist for this month. Time to out in some extra work hours so I can add these beauties to my life haha.

First things first, I really want a pair of these cute high waisted tie pants. They are so summery and cute. Now I am only 5’1″ so I need pieces like this to elongate my stumpy legs. It has been a struggle to find some that fit my big booty too. Comment down below if you’re a curvy girl and own a comfy pair of these so I can go get some of my own!

Secondly, I NEED a pair of black Nikes! I will start working out again this month (please hold me to that) because when I do it helps me with my energy and I sleep better. I have a pair of gray and coral Nikes currently, but the black pair is so simple and can be worn with more than work out outfit. Athleisure is so trendy right now.

Thirdly, I really want a pair of rose gold sunglasses. I am usually a tortoise shell sunglasses girl all day every day but the rose gold has just been calling to me lately! I almost bought a pair from Ann Taylor’s the other day but resisted because I want the perfect pair, you know?

Next is this beautiful blond color. Currently, I am rocking away grown out blonde ombrΓ© look. It’s really helped my hair heal and grow because I can just let my light brown roots grow out and not have to hit the salon. But as usual, I am growing bored of this and want something a little new. This is coming from the person who has literally had every color hair. Maybe I will hit up the salon this month with this picture in hand!

Lastly, I really want to read “How Not to Die” by Dr. Michael Greger. If you haven’t seen What the Health on Netflix, then stop everything you’re doing and go watch it. It’s amazing. Dr. Greger is one of the physicians that is featured in the documentary and now I just want to read everything he has written. I am half way through a book right now, so this might have to wait until the end of July. But I am going to read it. So look out for a book review in the future.

Well Daily Fam, those are five things my heart is desiring this July. Comment down below what you are wanting this July or if you have read this book!

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