July Goals 2017

Hello, daily friends! and HELLO July! Anyone else feel as if July just snuck up on us?? July is going to be a great month, I know it!! Since it is a new month I wanted to share my monthly goals!

  • Fitness Goals

My fitness goals for July is to go to the gym 5 times a week! HAWAII IS IN ONE MONTH! Woohoo!!!

Cut out sodas! I am not one to skip dessert because you got to live in the moment and love yourself! But I am wanting to cut out sodas because Id much rather have a bowl of ice cream!

  • Get ahead

I want to get ahead on my blog posts! With work we have a huge seminar coming up and I will be busy for 3 weeks straight, INCLUDING the weekends!! Also the first week of August I will be on vacay! So I need to start planning! If you have any blog post ideas leave them down below!


This should be on EVERYONES goals, every month!

  • Reach 300 followers on Instagram & Twitter!

We are stepping up our social media game recently and I want to continue that momentum, I am hoping to double our following by August! So go follow us on Twitter and Instagram!

  • Life Goals

I am currently reading Zak George’s ultimate dog training book! So my goal this month is to finish that book and find another book for vacation!

Thanks for reading daily friends! Remember to go follow us on social media && leave any post ideas down below!!








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