Hey Daily Fam! It is Saturday, and I hope you are enjoying your weekend. Tiffany and I had such a busy day today in the hot Texas heat. It was so hot in humid today that we decided to make some homemade popsicles. After doing a fun photo shoot this morning (look out for that blog post coming soon!) we ran to our local Bed Bath and Beyond store and bought some popsicle molds, they were only $5! We grabbed some gummy bears at the checkout line and just used some La Croix soda water that I already had in the fridge.


Hmm, I spy a black cat paw in the picture above, that is my cat Milo and he has to be involved in whatever is going on. Next, we filled the molds about a third of the way full with the gummy bears.


There is that sneaky cat Milo, again photo bombing my picture. I like these organic gummy bears better than the regular ones. I know that they probably aren’t in healthier than the regular gummy bears but I prefer the flavors of these.


Next, we took the cran-raspberry flavored La Croix and filled the molds almost all the way to the top. Not all the way full so that way when we inserted the popsicle stick part it would not overflow. This is not sponsored but I love La Croix so much, comment down below your favorite La Croix flavor. We also chose La Croix over Sprite or another soda just because it has so much less sugar.


Then go ahead and place the cap/popsicle stick part on top of the molds and stick them in the freezer for about 6 hours! You could honestly do this with any beverage and candy, or even fruit chunks for an even healthier summer popsicle.


Once it is completely frozen, take the popsicle mold out of the freezer and let it sit at room temperature for about 5 minutes and they should slide right out of the molds. I didn’t realize what the tube sticking out of the side of the handle part of the popsicle stick until it dawned on me. Once the popsicle starts melting it all gathers at the base of the handle and you can use the tube as a straw to drink the melted popsicle! That is absolutely genius and shout out to whoever invented it.

The La Croix and the gummy bear mix was so refreshing without being overwhelmingly sweet. Since La Croix is essentially flavored water the real sweetness came from the gummy bears and the fruit flavored ice was refreshing on this hot hot summer day!

Thanks for reading friends, and tag us on Instagram or tweet us your favorite summer treat. Also, follow us on SnapChat to keep up with us this summer. Love yall 🙂



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