Our Photo Shoot!

Hello, Daily Friends! First off we would like to say a HUGE thank you to the Suebeehomemaker for taking our pictures! Y’all, if you like food then you would LOVE her blog!! SueBeeHomemaker.com 🙂

For the photoshoot we went to a super cute place in Denton, TX called the Chairy Orchard! We thought this was a unique place to take pictures and it really made for beautiful pictures. We are so excited to share a handful of our favorites! Seriously, it was so hard to narrow down to only 6 of our favorites for this post!


This Chairy Orchard is filled with all different types of chairs from wheelchairs, school chairs, rocking chairs to high chairs. It was so much fun to be able to take so many different photos!


We got these beautiful dresses from Target!

Brooke made these beautiful flower crowns for us to wear because we are SO EXTRA. If you would like a post on how we made these comment down below!


After leaving the Chairy Orchard, we went back to  Sues house because her backyard is beautiful and the lighting is always great! When we took pictures at her house is when we took the photo which will now be in our About Me and on our social media accounts (photo down below)!


Thanks for reading beautiful friends! We are so glad you are here! Don’t forget to go over and check out SueBeeHomemaker.com she is always posting yummy new recipes, and check out our new About Us!



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