My Go To Accessories!


Hello Daily friends! Today I want to share with you my go to accessories! With going to work 40 hours a week I have learned what my go to’s are! I keep these jewelry pieces in my purse so when I get to work I can put them on and be ready for the day! My taste in jewelry is very simple and dainty!

First lets talk about earrings! These are Kate Spade earrings, I got them at our local Kate Spade outlet for like 65% off, and these are the only two earrings I ever wear! The gold go with everything, and then if you need a pop of colorΒ the pink pair always do the trick!!

Next we will talk about this super cute Texas necklace! This necklace goes with EVERYTHING! Seriously… I haven’t taken it off in like a month! It is super cute and adds a nice southern touch to everything I wear!!

Lastly lets talk about bracelets! The first two are Alex and Ani this super cute dainty bracelets are perfect to throw on to add a simple touch to any outfit! I received the Alpha Phi one from my sorority Big as a present and the crown one I bought for myself! They are super cute you can wear one or ten!

Then second Bracelet is this Kate Spade one I got from, again the Kate Spade Outlet! I highly suggest looking for an outlet around you! They ALWAYS have super good deals going on! This dainty bracelet is super cute and is one of my ALL time favorite pieces of jewelry!


Thanks so much for reading!!






8 thoughts on “My Go To Accessories!

  1. gingeredstate says:

    Omg girl, we are both from Texas, both Blogging like crazy, and both Alpha Phi sisters (although my initiation was like 15 years ago and now I feel old! Lol). This post took me right back to my college days, especially when I saw the A-Phi bracelet. Those were some of the most fun days of my life. We should try to get some of us Texas bloggers together for a lunch date!



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