How I decorated my Dorm Room

Hello, Daily Friends!

Today we are going to take it back to freshman year! At Texas Tech I stayed in a two bedroom, community bathroom style dorm hall! Our rooms were TINY, seriously! When my roommate and I laid on our beds we could hold hands! So today I wanted to share how I decorated my dorm room! Moving into the dorm was so exciting, it was the first step into the college adult world! I shopped ALL summer for my room and actually loved how it turned out!


The bedding and most pillowsย I bought from Target,ย  and a few pillows for Pier 1 Imports! The throw blanket at the end of my Twin XL is from home goods!

The bulletin board above the bed; the fabric is from Hobby Lobby and is being held up with the help of a staple gun! The flowered H was a present from Brooke, and so was the black picture frame that has a picture of Brooke and I when we were younger! The arrow I bought from Home Goods then got some shower curtain hooks and used it as a necklace holder!

To give my room a little more of a home feeling I added Christmas lights, a ton of pictures, and cozy blankets!

My roommate and I coordinated a lot, we both had the same fabric over our bulletin boards, and white comforters with lots of pillows! We had a mini fridge and a microwave so we didn’t ALWAYS have to eat at the dining hall! The room was tiny but it did have LOTS of hidden storage!

Dorm life is not bad, and is a once in a lifetime experience! You learn a lot about yourself and living on campus is more convenient than you will ever know!

Now I live in an apartment off campus with three other girls! I will be doing an apartment post soon!

Thanks for reading! If you would like to see more posts about my freshman year of college comment below!!



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