DIY (Super Easy) Flower Crowns!

15 July 17

Hey, Daily Friends!!! It is the weekend, woo hoo. Sorry, the blog posts have been scarce this week, I (Brooke) have had some health issues this week and it has been very physically and emotionally draining. It is Saturday, and nothing makes me feel better than sharing crafts and DIY’s with my friends! This Saturday I wanted to share with you how I made Tiffany and I’s flower crowns from our photo shoot the other weekend. They were super easy to make also!

image1 (22) - Copy

First, you are going to need to gather a few things. I went to our local craft store and got some fake flowers, wire cutters, and plain wide with ribbon. I already had a hot glue gun because I am one crafty chick.

image2 (11) - Copy

Then take your ribbon and cut it to a good length. I cut mine pretty long because I wanted to be able to make a big bow in the back. After you cut the ribbon, grab both ends and fold the ribbon in half to find the center. I then marked the center with a pen so I would know where to start gluing my flowers.

image3 (6)

Next, take those wire cutters and cut the flowers from the stems. Try to cut it down as much as possible so it glues easily to the ribbon. I cut all the flowers at once and then arranged them in the ‘pattern’ I wanted. There really is no wrong way to arrange them so just move them around until you find a pattern that is aesthetically pleasing to you.

image4 (2)

Then take that hot glue gun and glue down the flowers. I used a lot of glue especially when I couldn’t cut the stem all the way down to try and keep them secure. If I really couldn’t get it to stay I would glue some of the outside petals down to the ribbon as well.

flower crown

To make them extra secure I glued the outside of flowers to the flowers next to them, just to make sure they wouldn’t separate once we finally put them on. One extra tip is when you go to the craft store try and buy the small bouquet of fake flowers instead of trying to buy a bunch of separate flowers. That is what I did with Tiff and I’s crowns to make it super easy, then I bought a few separate stems for filler flowers. Here is how they turned out!


The flower crowns turned out so cute and they make you feel so Pinterest/extra. Also, they ended up being about $15 for each of them which is a lot cheaper than what we could have bought them for, plus I really enjoyed making them. Comment down below if you think this something you would try to make, or if there is something you would like to see us try and make! Thanks for reading and we will see yall later, BYE (:




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