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Hey, Daily Friends! It’s Wednesday and time for another MAC lipstick dupe. Tiffany and I love MAC lipstick but it can seriously be so expensive, so we are always keeping our eye out for good dupes. I found this dupe on Pinterest in multiple places and wanted to try it out.

This dupe is for MAC’s Honey Love lipstick shade. Personally, it is one of my favorite nudes and was one of my favorite Christmas gifts from my boyfriend Ben (good job honey!). I have been wearing it so much that I am down to the last little bit of it. The lipstick that is supposed to be a dupe is L’Oreal’s Fairest Nude. I picked up the L’Oreal shade at Target for about $6 compared to the $17 for the MAC shade.

So these are the two colors actually applied. I actually took these pictures facing an open window with no filters so you can see the colors in natural lighting because I feel like my bathroom light can be a little yellow. Overall both lipsticks apply nicely and are very pigmented. I do think that the fairest nude is a little pinker while honey love is very peachy toned. Also, honey love is more matte and the fairest nude is glossy. I love both shades and will probably be wearing fairest nude a lot.

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Here is a picture with honey love on the left side and fairest nude on the right side of my lips. Can you tell the shade difference when they are side by side? I know I can! So I wouldn’t say this is an exact dupe but it’s pretty close and both colors are beautiful. Also, I promise I am not bald, my hair was just greasy and in a bun hahaha.

Comment down below if you think this is a pretty close match or if they are just too different to be dupes.  Thanks for reading and we will see yall later, bye.


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