What you actually need for college

Hello, Daily Friends! Going back to school season is quickly approaching, and I remember two years ago reading blog after blog about what I NEED to bring to college. So I have decided to do my own, and tell y’all what I used and what I didn’t use! I go to Texas Tech University which is 5 hours away from my hometown, so yes I am close enough to go home but far enough away to be on my own! I stayed in a traditional dorm style room, there is

I go to Texas Tech University which is 5 hours away from my hometown, so yes I am close enough to go home but far enough away to be on my own! I stayed in a traditional dorm style room my freshman, here’s the link to my post where I talk about how I decorated my room -> How I decorated my Dorm Room, so I shared a room with another girl and had a community bathroom. It honestly was not that bad of an experience and for sure a once in a lifetime experience!

When packing for college it can immediately feel so overwhelming, but I promise this list will make it simple!


Here is the full list of everything I used almost daily while living in the dorm, for the TV, microwave, printer, and mini fridge my roommate and I decided who was going to bring what so one person did not have to buy everything! I would also coordinate with your roommate on the Keurig, rug, vacuum, and broom!

Cleaning supplies are a vital item on the list, especially Lysol… living in a dorm and less than 1 foot away from another person means viruses and other illnesses spread like nobody’s business, I suggest disinfecting at least every other week and washing your bedding every two weeks. That is why I said two sets of sheets, and plus if your dorm is as small as mine was you’ll spend a lot of time sitting on your bed and so will friends and who knows where their butts have been, lol.

Ethernet cable is another good one to have, I didn’t use this much. But if you go to college where snow days are a high possibility it will be great to have because everyone will be in their dorm room watching Netflix. AKA everyone will be on the school’s wifi. Also, an extension cord or two will come in handy, there is only a handful of outlets in that tiny room and this way you can have all your chargers reach your desk or bed!

Tiffany, why didn’t you put Note Pad under school supplies? thanks for asking! I didn’t include it because I would get a big Note Pad you and your roommate can both use, this way you can leave each other notes like “Going out tonight, don’t wait up for me” or just sweet notes to your roommate! Trust me this will make you the best roomie hands down, or could be useful to talk to your roommate about an issue.

A MATTRESS PAD, AND A GOOD ONE!!!!!! Sleep is everything in college, so INVEST in one and you can always sell it to incoming freshman the next year! A BRITA or any other water filtering system,  trust me on this. You’re not gonna wanna walk to the dining hall just for a glass of water or spend $100 on water bottles and take up 50% of the fridge with your water bottles. This will save you!

For the microwave, I would have two plates, bowls, fork, knife, and spoon. We also got a dish drying rack and stored everything in there so we didn’t have to use our own storage to hold everything! We also got a plastic 3 drawer container to hold all of our foods! This was super helpful!

My last freshman essential is the ID Card holder, your ID is what gets you into your dorm complex, gets you into games, and what you use to pay for your food. You will need this CONSTANTLY on you as a freshman, along with your room key! I would find something that can hold all of this and keep it with you at ALL times.

Happy freshman year and back to school season everyone!!!








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