Hey, Daily Friends and happy Monday!!! I wanted to share with you some ‘shop the looks’ from the most popular summer work outfits from Pinterest! I found some cute pieces to try and replicate these looks!

The first outfit is this breezy striped t-shirt dress, olive sleeveless vest, and long chain gold necklace. I found this outfit for under $100 and it is so chic.



     Lulu’s Dress ($38)               Long Palm Leaf Necklace ($24)              Olive Vest ($25)

Next outfit is a blog pencil skirt, timeless white button down, and brown cross body bag! This outfit is so fun for the office, and the tie up button down I found could be worn with literally anything. This outfit comes out to be about $103.



Tie-up White Button down ($30)    Cross Body Purse ($28)            Bold Pencil Skirt ($45)

The third outfit is this cute high neck lace tank top, skinny jeans, and strappy nude heels! So this outfit is the most expensive outfit at $120, but it is classy and could be worn in the fall with a bright cardigan and boots.



High Neck Lace Tank ($50)         Strappy Nude Heels ($30)    Dark Wash Skinny Jeans ($40)

Well, friends, I hope you enjoyed these summer outfits for the office. Comment down below which outfit set is your favorite and if you would wear any of these top pinned outfits to your work or internship! Thanks for reading and we will see you later bye!



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