Recruitment​ Tips

If you have decided to Go Greek congrats!! Going Greek is what you want it to be, so disregard all of those movies and how they portray sorority and fraternity life. You can be as much or as little as involved as you would like! But first, we have to get you through recruitment, which can be so scary!

Let’s go through some tips! I have been on both sides of recruitment, and both sides are equally as stressful and exhausting. First, let’s talk about your side of recruitment as someone who has decided to Go Greek!

  • Be yourself! 

This can be so hard, as you want to appear the most perfect candidate for their sorority. But TRUST ME this will make you A LOT happier on bid day and for the rest of college! If they cut you, then it wasn’t meant to be! You will hear this a lot but seriously TRUST THE SYSTEM, and be true to yourself. Joining a sorority is all about finding the sisterhood that YOU, not the person you put on, will fit into!

  • Do NOT look Greek ranking websites

When you go into recruitment you need to have an open mind, don’t let these stupid websites sway you before you even get into the houses.

  • Everyone is nervous

Yes, you will be beyond nervous but after your first few houses, you will get the hang of it! Also, remember the girls on the inside are nervous as well. They have been preparing ALL summer for your arrival, seriously.

  • Outfits

Outfits are important, you should look your best. But it’s not the MOST IMPORTANT thing that the girls on the inside notice. Honestly, I couldn’t tell you what the girl was wearing after I rushed her. We are focused on what you are saying, we are not judging what you’re wearing! I will have a post soon about outfits!

  • Influence

This one is a BIG ONE in many ways! After you come out of a house do not make negative comments, the person behind you might have LOVED that house and could really see herself there. After hearing your negative comment she might change her mind because of one person’s opinion. During recruitment, everyone feelings are heightened and one comment could make a girl cut a house where she actually belongs. Also, do not talk to friends about your choices. this is especially important if you’re going to college with your best friends, let’s face it we value our friend’s opinions a lot and they can sway us one way in a heart beat. Be considerate and talk positively about every house so your friends can find their true homes! To add onto that, your friends will still be your friends if you go different houses, I PROMISE.

  • Carry a bag!

You will not be allowed to take this into the house, but that’s okay! Nothing will get stolen and this will save you! Keep a pair of flip flops you can throw on between houses, this is a lot better than running around in heels! Keep mints, mirror, touch up makeup, tampons, Advil, water, a brush, and a tooth pick in your back pack! I promise this will come in handy! My time of the month surprised me while I was waiting outside of a house, trust me, keep things with you!

  • Take Notes

Carry around a note book with you in your bag! Take notes about the conversations you had at each house, and how you felt about the conversations or overall feeling the house gave you. I know this can be really hard to do when you’re running from house to house but it will save you! After talking to two girls at each house the conversations will be a blurr and at the end of the day you will have your notes to turn back to, this will help you when making selections!

  • Enjoy Bid day!

This day is about you, and it only lasts one day! There is no other experience than bid day, take pictures and soak it all in!

Here are some pictures from my sorority’s bid day!

Processed with VSCO with c1 presetProcessed with VSCO with hb2 presetProcessed with VSCO with c1 preset


Thanks for reading! Good luck!!





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