NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream: REVIEW


Hey, Daily Friends! It’s Friday, Friday, gotta get down on Friday. I know we don’t normally post on Fridays unless it’s a cute outfit that we were obsessing over that week. But I missed my Wednesday post and wanted to make it up to yall by reviewing these NYX lip creams that I have seen all over Pinterest.


So I went to Target and picked up 5 tubes of the NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream in 5 shades that I thought I would love. I got the shades Zurich, Cannes, San Paulo, Budapest, and Transylvania. I really wanted to review these because I seriously love matte lipsticks so much. I also heard that these little lipstick babies last all day long. So let’s see those shades and awkward pictures of my lips and patchy skin!

image4 (6)

The first shade I tried is this pretty peachy-pink nude in the shade Zurich. I did like the application of this lip cream, however, it takes two coats in order to get an opaque color. This color was very pretty in the natural lighting of my window but under the fluorescent lights of an office, it looks really really coral orange. Which I was not down with. It did last the morning until I had to eat lunch then I needed to reapply.

image5 (2)

The next shade is Cannes, which is this cranberry mauve color. This is probably my favorite shade out of all five. It’s like a nude but a more colorful nude lip color. This color lasted a good portion of the day but the color kept fading, and like Zurich, it needed a few coats to get the full color. I think this color is just very flattering on my pale white skin, and will probably be a go to daily color for me.

image6 (1)

This next shade is San Paulo, which is a bright magenta color! This shade reminds me of the color of a Barbie Doll’s lip color. It is so bright pink that it brings out the cooler blue tones in my skin and makes me look more lily white haha. This color is a really fun summer color and was more pigmented than Zurich or Cannes. This is definitely not an everyday color but I would pair this with a light blue colored top with some denim jeans and white sandals for a cute summer look. This color did not look this bright in the tube so this color took me by surprise.

image7 (1)

This next shade is Budapest, a light merlot shade and is absolutely beautiful. But like the most darker shades, the color starts to run on the outer edges of my lips. When I wore this shade to work I used a lip liner underneath and it definitely helped hold the color a lot better. This color really held up all day! I applied it just for good measure after lunch. It does look a little darker when it’s not in the natural light like the picture above, but I believe this is going to be a great fall color.


NYX, this shade Transylvania is such a damn shame……… This picture above is after many many coats, I even tried to let it dry and then apply another shade but no. The color kept pooling in different spots and when I tried to swipe more on it would erase where I just applied it. The color starts to run at the edge of your lips so badly. This color is so disappointing. I am going to try and find a darker lip liner to completely fill my lips and then place Transylvania over it.

image9I even tried to blot it maybe to take off the excess color but that made it even worse. Ugh I really wanted this vampy dark purple color to work ):



So at $6.25 a tube from Target I am pretty happy with 4 out of 5 lipsticks being really great. I would avoid NYX’s darker shade matte lip creams until they can improve the formula. If you see an angry tweet from me later directed at NYX cosmetics, then you know I couldn’t make the purple lip cream work even with lip liner.  Yes that is a cameo kitty paw in the picture below hahah (:


Overall, I am very happy with the nude shades of this NYX line so I will probably purchase more of the nude shades. The formula is great and matte but also soft and creamy. The colors last a long time because it is a matte formula which is perfect for this busy sister. Comment down below if you own of these shades or what your favorite shade is! Thanks for reading and we will see yall later bye!!!





3 thoughts on “NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream: REVIEW

  1. Queen Sapphire says:

    All the colours are so pretty, it’s a shame the formula for the darker colours isn’t so good, definitely needs more pigment there. Hopefully it’s something they are already looking into improving ❤ also loved this post


  2. CandlesCatsandCarrots says:

    Try the nude shades Stockholm and Abu-Dhabi! Stockholm has peachy undertones and Abu-Dhabi is more of a true nude with darker undertones than Stockholm.


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