August Goals 2017


Hello, Daily Friends!!! I cannot believe it is already August 2017 is just FLYING by!

Before we get started on my August Goals, I want to talk about how my July goals went!

  • Fitness Goals
    • I did not make it to the gym 5 times a week, work got busier and I ended up walking 2+ miles every day at work! I struggled to cut out sodas, but I drank them more mindfully
  • Get Ahead
    • This is something I did very well in July! Being ahead and organized makes me so happy!
  • Insta & Twitter 300 Followers Goal
    • We have 300+ followers on twitter, so CHECK!
    • On Instagram we are close! So, go follow us! sistersdailyblog
  • Life Goals
    • I read Zak George’s Ultimate Dog Trainingย book and have found the book, Girl Boss, which I am taking on vacation with me!

Now let’s talk about my August Goals!

  • Working On Me
    • Learning to completely enjoy yourself can be hard, I especially want to do this on the vacation I am about to go on. To elaborate on this I mean, to be in the moment and take it all in.
    • Love my body! because DUH
  • Life Goals
    • Read two books this month, Girl Boss my vacation book and one more book before classes start
  • University Goals
    • Study Hard
    • Make a connection with my professor
  • Blog Goals
    • Reach 100 followers on WordPress
    • Reach 300 followers on Instagram
    • Take AMAZING photos for my posts!


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