Happy Wednesday Daily Friends! I can’t believe it is the second day of August, and that there are only 4 more months left in the year. Also, it is already time to start getting ready for back to school. Of course, this will be the first fall that I won’t be going back to school. However, I am a bit of a school supplies fanatic and getting new school supplies was always my favorite part of going back to school. So I wanted to include 10 things that I always had in my backpack for school or a day at the library.


The first thing you need is a good binder to organize all your papers and notes. I really like this Mead Binder because Mead is such a good quality brand. I also like the tri color design of this binder. Also, I liked to organize sections in my binder by subject and keep everything that belonged to that subject in that section of my binder.


The second thing you should always keep in your backpack is 5 Star Notebooks. These are my all time favorite notebooks. They come in all different colors but my favorite ones are the crisp white clean notebooks. Five star has good quality paper and the notebooks are so durable.


The third and probably most important thing to keep in your backpack is a planner. This Lilly Pulitzer Planner is my absolute favorite planner. I have had a ton of different planners in my life, but Lilly’s is my favorite. The pages are all beautiful and the large planner gives you so much space for each day. I also love that this planner comes with cute stickers. You should always have a planner on you to keep track of your schedule and all of your assignments.


The fourth thing you need in your back pack is cute pens! I love these beautiful Rose Gold Pens. Life hack, keep like 5 cheap black pens in your pencil bag for when people ask to borrow a pen so you don’t have to lend them your favorite pens. I don’t know why but it is just so much easier to study or take notes when you are using pretty pens.


Fifth, you need good mechanical pencils. I am mostly a pen girl than a pencil girl, except when it comes to my planner because I want to be able to erase.  These Paper Mate Mechanical Pencils are my favorite brand of pencil. They write really well and the grip on these pencils are great. The same tip about the pens above applies to pencils as well. Keep some plain old yellow Ticonderoga pencils for your forgetful friends so you can save the mechanical ones from never being returned.


To hold all those pretty pens and pencil you will need item number 6 in your backpack, this cute pineapple pencil bag. I am always on the hunt for cute pencil bags and this one is so simple but trendy at the same time. This pencil bag is also only $8!


Item number 7 is important for spending a whole day in the library, walking in between classes, or if you just want to zone out in class (which I am not recommending but I totally understand). These Wireless Headphones can be hidden under your hair if your hair is long enough to cover your ears and the back of your neck.  I also love wireless headphones because you aren’t attached to your device.


Item number 8 is this beautiful Marble Swell Bottle. It is so important to have water in your backpack through out the school day. If you’re trekking miles around a college campus all day you need to hydrate friend. Why not stay hydrated with a stylish bottle.


The ninth thing you should always have in your backpack is a cute lunch tote. It is cheaper to bring your own lunch and snacks to campus. Also, it is easy to concentrate and study when you’re not thinking about how hungry you are. This lunch tote is chic and not too immature. But this is coming from a 22-year-old whose lunch tote has cartoon whales on it.

The tenth thing would be either a zip lock bag or any kind of small bag with these three things in it: tampons, deodorant, and floss. These items don’t need an explanation, just make sure you have them in your backpack at all times. (:

Well, friends, those are the ten things you should always have in your backpack! Comment down below what you always keep in your backpack. As always, thank you so much for reading and we will see yall later, bye.



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