20 Post-Grad Interview Tips

9 August 2017

Hello, Daily Friends! This post might be inspired from the high I am on from just getting a job offer but if I have had two successful interviews ending in job offers in the eight months that I have graduated from college then I feel like I need to share some tips.

My first job I accepted after I graduated was in the finance industry and was part of a major company lay off 3 weeks ago. I was absolutely miserable in the finance industry and I was seriously so relieved when I was laid off. I know that sounds weird, but the thought of not having to go into that finance office the next day was like a burden off my shoulders. It was seriously a blessing in disguise because the job I just accepted today is a position that I actually got my degree for and is something I actually enjoy doing.

So here are some interview tips for all my post grad girls just trying to get a job after graduating from university!

Before the Interview:

  • Before you go to the interview make sure you have a practice interview. I always make my boyfriend do a mock interview with me, it is just his personality to be so honest so he never lets me get away with wimpy answers. 
  • If you just can’t be serious with a friend or family member for a mock interview go to thePMinterview.com to practice a real life job interview with commonly asked questions.
  • Research the company! This is so important and you can really impress your interviewer if you can slip some knowledge about the company or the company’s culture into your interview. 
  • Know the style of the interview. Email the recruiter or the interviewer to ask if it’s a one-on-one interview, panel interview with other people, or a group assessment activity. Will there be an assessment? Knowing will help you better prepare. 
  • Prepare questions to ask the interviewer about the position or the company, make the interview a conversation! Also, people like to talk about themselves so ask the interviewer questions like why they work for ABC company or what their favorite thing is about working for the company.


  • Always overdress for the interview. No matter what the position or industry, overdress. Ladies put on a blazer, a pair of heels, and some lipstick for the interview. Another bonus appearance tip, no chipped nail polish, either bare nails or a fresh coat of nail polish.  
  • Always bring a copy of your resume for your interviewer and for yourself to reference. Also, make sure you print the resumes on thicker paper than regular printer paper. Bring your resumes in a nice folder or portfolio (avoid colored folders).
  • Arrive 10 to 15 minutes early to the interview. This shows your interviewer that you’re a punctual person and it gives you time to scope out the office building and see how other people are dressed for a typical work day. Also, since your 15 minutes early go into the bathroom and take a few deep breaths, give yourself a pep talk, and check your teeth.
  • Rub your hands together to make them warm before shaking your interviewer’s hand, it is seriously is a psychological thing that people are turned off by shaking a cold hand.

During the Interview:

  • Make sure you watch your body language, don’t fidget, keep your hands in your lap, and do not shake your leg. Along with body language try not to cross your arms because you will come off as closed off to your interviewer. 
  • Especially if you’re a recent graduate don’t be afraid to admit that you’re nervous! One of the best tips I ever received was from a woman with an amazing career and she said when interviewees are honest about being nervous she admires their honesty and it helps her connect and break the ice.
  • Smile! Make eye contact with your interviewer and smile through the interview, especially if you suffer from resting bitch face like I do. 
  • Take notes during the interview about the position and requirements. Also, make sure you use a nice pen and notebook. 
  • Use the STAR method to answer questions. STAR is an acronym for Situation, Task, Action, and result. This is a good way to frame your answers so that way you don’t ramble. Using words like “the situation was” or “the result of that was…” make your ideas clear. 
  • Speaking of language, use phrases like you already have the position like “When I am in the position” or “When I start the the job” this shows your confidence and helps envision you in the role as well. 

After the Interview: 

  • Shake your interviewer’s hand at the end of the interview and thank them for their time that day. 
  • When the interview ends go home and hand write a thank-you note to the interviewer and mail it that day. Use a nice thank-you card! If you’re not sure where to send it then call the company’s receptionist or recruiter. 
  • If the interview was set up by a recruiter send the recruiter a short thank you email for the opportunity. 
  • Follow up in a week or two with an email if you still haven’t heard from the interviewer with a short email. 
  • If they don’t offer you the position or decide to go with someone else don’t be afraid to reach out and say hey “I am a recent graduate and new to the field and if you could provide some feedback on the interview or the resume I would really appreciate it” so you can grow and prepare for your next job application/interview.

Well, friends, these might be generic but they have worked for me this past year! Over all don’t stress about the interview or finding a job. If you get into a field or position you don’t like then change your profession. There are so many jobs out there, so you just need to be persistent. Comment down below your best interview tips! Thank you so much for reading and we will see yall later, bye (: 



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