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Hey, Daily Friends! I know you haven’t heard from me in awhile but that is because so much LIFE has been happening to me. I started a new job as a kindergarten teacher at an autism therapy school and I have been training, curriculum planning, and just adjusting to this huge career change. ALSO, I just happened to get engaged on Sunday!!! If you’re a sappy romantic person like me, and that’s why you clicked on this post then buckle up for some sappiness. Can you tell I was bawling crying in the picture below, because I was.

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So let me give you guys some back story. Ben and I have been dating since we were 16 years old, that is 6 years and 8 months of being together. I knew I wanted to marry this guy since forever but I honestly didn’t think Ben was planning on proposing until next year or earliest our seven year anniversary on Christmas eve. image1 (29)So I wasn’t expecting it at all and I was so honestly surprised. So sisters if you follow me on Snap Chat then you would have seen this snap on the left, of me during the morning because Ben had told me that he had a surprise date plan for us. He eventually told me where we were going because I wanted to go see Tiffany who was flying home from Hawaii instead hahaha. We live in Dallas, Texas and we have been talking about going to the Dallas Arboretum for a few months now because it is so pretty. So Ben was like “hey I saw it was dollar day at the arboretum so I wanted us to go, then maybe we could have dinner downtown” and I was like okay suspiciously. We never do anything but clean and hang out on Sunday’s so I was a little suspicious, but Ben said that he wanted to celebrate my first day at my new job which was the next day and were the kind of couple who still celebrate our monthly dating anniversaries. We celebrate everything with dinners so my suspicions calmed.

It was a hot and humid day, and since I didn’t know we were going to be getting engaged, I decided not to put any face make up on so I wouldn’t be sweating miserably. I also decided to wear this super flowy, but wildly unflattering chambray dress, because I wanted to keep cool. Unfortunately Ben did not tell me to change because he thought “it would give it away”…. *Screams Internally* Ben is so sly because it was supposed to rain and he kept saying stuff like “oh maybe we should just go next weekend” because he knew I would insist on going anyway because I have wanted to go for awhile. So we went around 1 pm to the garden and it was literally sprinkling on our drive there and I told Ben I wanted to stop and buy an umbrella so we could still walk to gardens. We decided if it started raining we would see if the little gift shop there sold any.

So we get to the arboretum and there are so so so many people around. Ben was super annoyed by the crowd, but that is normal for him so once again I didn’t think anything of it. Then Ben was like let’s go into that rose garden area, and I was sure okay. I originally wanted to go down another path not knowing that Ben’s family was literally down that path haha. Finally, we are in this little-secluded rose garden and we are talking about…. actually I don’t even remember what we were talking about because of the rush that followed. The next thing I remember was Ben grabbing my shoulder and asking me to come over here with him, all of sudden there was no one around amazingly. Then he got down on one knee. Of course, for a split second, I thought he was kidding until I saw his eyes well up with tears. I am not going to share what he said because it was private and something between us, but I immediately started to shake and cry once I realized he was proposing. I asked him if this was real and once he pulled out the most beautiful ring I have ever seen I could feel my heart in my throat. I told him, yes, of course, I would marry him. He held me while I continued crying and then I saw him look back towards the shrubs and out pops his family!

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They were trying to record from the bushes, but they really couldn’t pick up the audio and it is kind of blurry. But I am so glad they were there because they took these pictures of us!! I was kind of panicking that my family was not there and kept asking where my family was, but Ben told me that they knew and we would meet up with them later. Ben’s mom had to catch a plane back to Arizona so they left us at the arboretum, but I was still in shock and I needed to sit down because I felt like I could’ve fainted. So we sat down and I asked Ben all the questions I had, we cried again, then he told me we needed to go to the dinner reservations he made.

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We went to this little winery and when I thought we were being taken to our table we were actually being taken to a back room where my family and Ben’s family was with cake, wine, and a cute collage of pictures of Ben and I surrounding a picture of Ben actually buying the ring. The second I saw my parents and the tears in their eyes I started crying again. If you follow Tiffany on Snap Chat you would see asking Tiffany how long she has known about this haha. Turns out EVERYONE knew but me!

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We had wine and cake, and we all laughed about Ben’s sneaking around and my cluelessness. It was so great for all of us to be together to celebrate such an amazing moment in Ben and I’s relationship. This time, Ben’s mom really did have to catch a flight to Phoenix so we left. Then Ben and I went to dinner at a nice restaurant by our town home and cried to two different songs that came on the radio because we were both so emotional.

We spent the rest of the night laying in bed talking about our future with Ben repeatedly asking if I really liked the ring that I could not stop staring at. It has been 3 days since then and I find myself still staring at the ring and wondering if this is still real. The wedding board is already in full effect on Pinterest and I can’t wait for WEDDING WEDNESDAY to be a continual series on the blog. It is so crazy to me that a month ago I was so miserable and upset with everything going on in my life to be on cloud nine and so excited for the future. Thanks so much for reading this mess, and I will see yall later bye!



8 thoughts on “MY ENGAGEMENT STORY

  1. SueBee Homemaker says:

    Congratulations Brooke and Ben!! What a lovely day you had and yea, I knew before you did!! 🙂 Wishing you many many more years of happiness together!!


  2. Cajun says:

    This is so exciting!! So happy for you! Your post has given me hope that maybe after the 5 years me and my man have been together he my pop the question!! You 2 look so adorable and happy together! That ring is also beautiful girl


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