My Go To Masks!

Hi, daily friends!!!! This post is all about my three favorite masks! I rotate through these ones every other night, we’ll attempt to!

I just got back from vacation (check out my Hawaii posts) and didn’t bring any of these along, long plane rides can suck the life out of your skin! Also, I just started my period!!!! So my skin is TERRIBLE!

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My three go to masks are the Neutrogena Clear Pore Cleanser/Mask, The Tarte Tight & Bright Mask, and the Mary Kay Charcoal Mask!


Tonight to get back to my rotation of skin care I started with the Neutrogena Mask. I also use this as my face wash I use daily, this was recommended to me by my dermatologist and has completely changed my skin! Warning: This mask can really dry out your skin, I don’t recommend this mask to people with dry skin. When I do this in the winter I apply a thick coat of moisturizer immediately after!

The Mary Kay Charcoal Mask is another good one when you are experiencing a breakout or have a lot of black heads. I usually use this one next, to help clear up my skin! & Charcoal masks are just super fun and I like the smell!


Mask #3 is the Tarte Tight & Bright mask! I love this one because as it dries you can feel it working! Plus the gold is EVERYTHING!! This one is new but is already a must have in my skin care routine!

What are yalls favorite masks???
Thanks for reading!!! 

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