Daily friends!!! It’s time to Jess back to college! I leave very soon and packing back up for college after summer can be tedious! Lots of laundry, shopping, organizing, and guessing!

My Top Tips!

  1. Use plastic bins! This has more storage than your suitcase I promise! I usually put all my clothes in the plastic bin, then my shoes in the suitcase!
  2. Buy stuff there! This is HUGE! I promise your college town is gonna have a target or whatever store you like, buy school supplies there and other bigger items such as, fans, rugs, wall decor.
  3. A clothing bar for your car! This one is the one my boyfriend and I use, Clothing Rack Bar, this thing is so helpful and leaves room in your trunk for other things besides clothing in trash bags!
  4. Put everything you will need right away, like that night in your backpack along with your electronics so you can carry that in right away!
  5. Let your parents take pictures of everything, embarrass you, and don’t worry everyone cries when they’re parents leave the day after move in day.

When it comes to what clothes you should bring, the answer is almost everything… besides high school t-shirts, leave those at home. Your dorm or apartment will have enough storage for your clothes, I promise! If your campus is anything like Texas Techs then you will just be wearing a t-shirt, Nike shorts, leggings every day. But bringing cute clothes is important because you will go out and need cute clothes. So everything you think you might want to bring it! You can always take things home or send things home with your parents when they come to visit or when you go home!

Let’s talk decor! If your dorm is anything like mine was it’s boring and cold when you first walk in, you need decor to cozy it up! But the one thing I wish I could do over again is fewer throw pillows. Especially on a twin bed, the throw pillows just get in the way and when you go to bed you just throw them on the floor. Yes, they are cute for pictures, but they get in the way! So get stuff for your walls, and cute bedding to make your dorm room feel like home!

I cannot wait to share with yall what my apartment looks like! I leave to go back to Lubbock tomorrow, so posts will becoming soon!

If you want to see a more indepth detaield list of everything you need check out my college packing list, What You Actually Need For College





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