Wedding Wednesday: Color Inspiration


Friends! Its my first wedding Wednesday post since being engaged! Its crazy to me all the small details and planning that go into a wedding. There is only one thing I know for sure at this point and that is that I want a winter wedding preferably in the months of November, December or January. All the other details I haven’t decided. Oh except I do want gold accents at my wedding, as you will see in the three contenders for my wedding colors below. The richness of gold seems to ground all of the other colors I would like to have at my wedding.

Now that I have picked out the time of year I can start looking for venues, which is a daunting tasks. Choosing the venue is hectic because it is going to consume the largest chunk of our wedding budget so it is such an important decision. So I want to distract myself from that by choosing my wedding colors hahaha! Choosing the colors is also very important because it determines what everyone wears, how the venue is decorated, the cake, the invitations, literally everything. So I need your help picking out the colors of my wedding that I will look at for the rest of my life and that my children and grandchildren will see, no pressure though.

Here are the three palettes I am leaning towards right now.



I really love the richness of these colors and the dark burgundy and gold really pop. The navy would probably be the color of Ben’s suit, his groomsmen, and our dad’s suits. The blush would be an accent color, so the main colors would be burgundy and gold.

PicMonkey Collage



This color scheme just screams winter to me. I love the richness of the navy and gold together. My vision for this is just white roses for everything, my bridesmaids in gold, and the ice blue being a scarce accent. Of course all of the men would be in navy with white ties.




What really attracts me to this palette is its simplicity. The thought of all the men in black suits with just white undershirts and black ties is just dreamy to me for some reason. Gold everything with lots of lush greenery. I could still keep the white roses that I love and the simplicity would just make it so easy to decorate.



Ahh I cant even decide, and seeing them laid out in this format is making it worse because they are all so beautiful. Ultimately it will probably be Ben’s vote that helps me decide, and Tiffany’s too. Comment down below which color palette you would choose for a winter wedding! Thanks for reading the first post in my wedding series, especially since I plan on having a long engagement so get ready hashing out details with me!


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