Welcome back Daily Friends, we have missed you so much! &&& HAPPY NEW YEAR! 2018 is going to be a  year of change for us, we have decided to make our blog reflect our everyday life. We want this blog to be something we can look back on and that our future selves and children can read! Sisters Daily will be a living journal for us to record our memories and important moments in our lives.

Our lives are not extraordinary in anyway, but the we hope the familiarity is something that you can relate to. As you read through the posts of this upcoming year we want you to feel like we are YOUR sisters. Sisters talking about sister things like life, experiences, beauty, fashion, and advice.

giphy (1)

Also this year we want to be REAL with you. In our current social media world only perfection is ever shown. We are not perfect and we have our struggles. If sharing our struggles just helps one person feel like they are not alone then its worth sharing. So if your ready for two girls that are actually real people and are not Instagram models with perfect lives, then spend the next year with us.


Like this year Tiffany will be going into her last semester as a Junior and her first Senior semester in college! This is the year Brooke will be getting married and we want to be able to share this short and memorable season of life! Currently, we are on a wedding diet because Brooke gets married in 11 months, WOOHOO!!! Check out her engagement story here –> MY ENGAGEMENT STORY

We have so much to look forward to this year and we cant wait to make this blog something we cherish and we cant wait to share it with you! The posts coming up this week will be a reflection of our 2017’s and the important events that happened, ending with our 2018 resolutions.


the sisters you’ve always wanted



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