Wedding Wednesday: My Turn to Pop the Question!


Sisters! Welcome to another Wedding Wednesdays post! My last post was about the different colors we were thinking about using. We’ve decided on our main colors being gold and white, with accents of black and green. The green will mostly come from all the greenery and the black will be the wedding parties color. Speaking of wedding party, I have finally asked two special ladies in my life to be my bridesmaids! I wanted to talk about how I popped the question to these wonderful sisters of mine and share their reactions.


MAID OF HONOR! That is right, my beautiful sister and blogger buddy is my maid of honor. There is no one I trust more than Tiffany to help keep me together on and leading up to my wedding day. She is honest with me in only the way your sister can be! She is a steady hand to guide me in my perpetual indecisiveness. She lifts me up when I am feeling down and I cant imagine spending that day without being able to look to her beside me. I asked Tiffany by pulling out this jewelry box and card as her “last Christmas gift”Β  with our family around. Her reaching was priceless as she agreed to help me get through the next 11 months!


I also asked Ben (my Fiance’s) sister, Jess, to be my bridesmaid Christmas Day as well by bringing it to her as her last Christmas gift. She is Ben’s big sister and is seriously so stylish and funny. She has made me feel like I am apart of the family and now it is coming true! On the wedding day I know she will keep me calm and laughing. Her teary eyed reaction was so heart warming and she said yes to keeping me sane until December 1st! Its so special to have my soon to be sister-in-law standing next to me on that day.


In fact, this is us at Jess’s engagement party!!! Jess and Justin got engaged just a few days before Christmas. It has been so special to both be going through the wedding planning process and bouncing ideas off of each other.


When scouring pinterest for a way to ask these important ladies to stand by me on my special day, I really couldn’t find anything that really conveyed how much this meant to me! Cute little baskets with goodies and champagne were cute but I wanted something they could always treasure. I found a beautiful and dainty silver star necklace for Tiffany and when you open the jewelry box it says “will you be my made of honor?”. For Jess I found a delicate gold bangle with a knot detail, and when she opened the jewelry box it said “I cant tie the knot with out you! Will you be my bridesmaid?”.Β  I also found these cute cards from Hobby Lobby and wrote some heartfelt messages that I hoped would convince them to deal with all the wedding shenanigans! It was such a special Christmas and I will treasure these memories and pictures forever!

I cant wait to ask Ben’s guys to be in our wedding! Our wedding party is small but our wedding is going to be small, intimate, and romantic. I may be a little biased but I honestly think I have the most beautiful bridal party! As always don’t be afraid to comment down below and share your thoughts and experiences! Any wedding advice is always helpful as well lol πŸ™‚





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