Wedding Wednesday: Picking Florists & Flowers


Welcome back sisters to another wedding Wednesday post! This week I wanted to talk about meeting with my florist. Yay! One vendor down and about a million more to go haha. Also, I wanted to share some of the inspiration pictures I brought to the meeting, our floral plans, and some traditions were choosing to skip out on!


Nothing makes me get those I’m getting married butterflies more than picking out our wedding flowers. Seriously just looking at the picture of my bouquet can bring me to tears. Meeting with the florist was such an incredible experience. She helped me sketch out my vision from the ceremony to the reception tables. She also gave names to all the pretty white flowers I was so horrible at describing.

Ceremony Flowers:


For our colors I decided to go with gold, white, and black with accents of greenery almost everywhere! Our venue (which will be featured in an upcoming post!) has a beautiful fire place like in this picture that I snagged off of Pinterest, and I want a beautiful green garland draping over it with white roses.


Our venue has these gorgeous dark wood vintage pews that I plan on hanging simple greenery from, either with white or gold ribbon (still undecided on that detail). Also, at the bottom of each pew is going to be varying height candles. I am hoping the entire ceremony has a very romantic candle lit vibe to it!


We also have a beautiful black piano in the chapel like the one pictured in this Pinterest inspiration picture and we ordered a beautiful garland to match the fireplace alter to drape across it as well. We will be hiring a pianist for the ceremony and with candle on and around the piano, I am hoping it will add to the romantic mood I am trying to create.


Reception Flowers:


For each table I thought this simple, but elegant and crisp center piece was just stunning for my greenery glam vision. Were are going to switch the small clear votives out for gold mercury glass votives. Our reception tables are going to have black table clothes with white linens and gold chargers. I hope it is as glamorous and simple as I see it in my mind! I snagged this photo from Pinterest as well.


Ben and I also decided to do a sweet heart table instead of head table. For those who don’t know bridal lingo, a sweet heart table is where just the bride and groom sit instead of having all the bridal party sit together. I picked another eucalyptus garland that will match the fireplace alter like this one pictured in a photo snagged from Pinterest, but with just plain white roses instead of those blush pink ones. We also plan on renting a cute settee like the one pictured as well.

There is going to be small greenery sprinkled around the other tables as well and some in the entry way on signage!

Bridal Party Flowers:


For the boys and dads boutonnieres were going to do the plain eucalyptus and greenery and then for Ben were going to do the greenery and a white spray rose. All the boutonnieres will be put together with simple white ribbon! I think the greenery is going to look really crisp against the guys black suits. This greenery glam inspo was also brought to you by Pinterest.


For my beautiful bridesmaid and Maid of Honor, I ordered these gorgeous white rose and silvery eucalyptus bouquets that look like a smaller version of my bouquet! I also cant decided if these should be tied with white or gold ribbon, comment down below and help a sister out white or gold ribbon.


AHHH just look at how stunning that beautiful cascading bouquet is! This is the bouquet I chose to carry down the aisle. The white roses and greenery are so romantic, and the drama of the cascading effect just make my heart flutter. I cant wait to carry this down the aisle. For the reception were going to place all three bouquets in gold standing vases at the base of the sweet heart table with mine in the center and Jess and Tiff’s on either side. I found this bouquet on Pinterest and I cant wait to see the florist recreation of it.


Now for our sweet flower girl! Instead of going with the tradition of her throwing flower petals she is going to carry a mini bouquet of flowers. We cant have petals on the old hard wood floors in the chapel because they could stain the flowers and also I swear I would be the bride to slip on one. So I think a cute mini bouquet of flowers will look just as sweet. Also maybe a flower crown for her too πŸ™‚

All of these photos are not mine, but were grabbed from Pinterest for some some greenery inspiration. I am so glad that I get to record down all the details of this planning process. I cannot wait to share the pictures of how all these flowers turned out on the big day which is now 311 days away.

Let me know what y’all think of all the greenery and my theme! Should I go with the white or gold ribbon? The details sis are what keep me up at night hahah



P.S. Happy 7 years and 1 month anniversary Ben, on the off chance your reading this πŸ™‚


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