Get To Know Tiffany & Brooke


Sisters, a relationship made by blood and built with friendship. Tiffany and Brooke are not only sisters, they are the two babies of five kids. Tiffany is the baby of the family and Brooke is the second youngest. They are exactly two years apart, both sharing a birthday in August. Brooke is 22 years old and graduated from the University of North Texas in 2016 with a Bachelors of Science in Integrative Studies with a minor in History. Tiffany is 20 years old and attends Texas Tech University, she is a sophomore majoring in Electronic Media and Communication and she is also an Alpha Phi. Among so many other things they share an interest in fashion, beauty, crafting, and all things creative. These two southern girls decided to share this blog to reach out to early twenty-something-year-olds and create a community that embraces body positivity and is a space free of judgment. As a college student and someone just graduated with an entry level job Tiffany and Brooke introduce you to an affordable version of fashion, beauty, and crafting.


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